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HistorX GTTC-B1 @ Tsukuba - Tue 11th November 2014

Discussion in 'rFactor Racing Club' started by Quas, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Quas


    Server name:
    Class /Cars: GTTC B1
    Alfa Romeo 2000GTAm '70
    Alpine Renault A310 V6 '76
    BMW 2002tii '72
    BMW 2800CS '70
    BMW 3.2 CSL Alpina '73 '74
    Ferrari Dino 246GTS '72
    Ford Capri 2600RS '71
    Ford Capri MK I RS2600 '72
    Ford Escort RS MK I '72
    Porsche 911ST 2.5 '72
    Porsche 911ST 2.4 '71
    Porsche 914/6 GT 2.5 '72

    Track: Tsukuba 2005 2.045km ( Download )
    Unpack the Sendspace download file and place it into your Locations folder of rfactor where the .exe sits

    Pit box allocation: (Download)
    As you may of see through the week the pit boxes were shared with this download this will sort out the problem back up you original as you will you need it to get on regular server.
    To install unpack and drop into you main rfactor/HistorX folder were the exe sits.

    See Main Forum for Official Race Time Clock

    Race 1: Tsukuba 2005 2.045Km
    practice start time:
    GMT 20:00 (20 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 20:20 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 20:30 (23 laps)
    Race 2: Tsukuba 2005 2.045Km
    Practice start time:
    GMT 21:00 (10 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 21:10 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 21:20 (23 laps)

    Note 1: Only default liveries or the liveries that come with the mod please
    Note 2: Over the week you will need to drive a different car for each race.
    Pick a car and drive with friends.
    Note 3: To sign up, Tag me like this - @@Yves Larose or @@Jarek Kostowski Yes please
    this way we wont miss your sign up:)

    Racedepartment Calendar: Click here
    Server password: Click here
    Racing rules: Click here

    Entry List:
    1. Yves Larose
    2. Jarek Kostowski
    3. Christian Stanjek
    4. Stig Bidstrup
    5. Hans Sneep
    6. Srinath Sundareswaran
    7. Paul M Jones
    8. Denis Betty
    9. Sven-Arne Andersson
    10. Allan Ramsbottom
    11. Jack Smith
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    This is being held in our Club, using GTL Club Rules, and should be driven in that spirit.
    And it is not Touring cars !!!
    For info on HistorX 1.96 click below
    HistorX Mod Version 1.96
    HistorX Hints and Tips
    You can use the this to sign up with if you like just copy and paste

    If you need to sign out we have that covered as well

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
  2. Quas


    Massive thanks to Yves for running the club completely on his own while i was away for the RDFVC and still finding the time to show me the ropes about posting races.

    Hope you guys like the following combos, i wanted to go with something different than what we drove recently and went for short & easy tracks that may not be as exciting to drive as the recent ones on their own, but hopefully will create excitement by keeping the pack together and through mid traffic battles.

    Since this is a very short track, you might get blue flagged & lapped. Please do not let the faster guys spoil your race, carry on racing like you would normally do without fighting the car that is lapping you. Biggest part of the fun will be getting through traffic on such a short circuit :).
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  3. Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
  4. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

  5. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Server is up
  6. Denis Betty

    Denis Betty
    Old cars rule! Staff Premium

    [​IMG]@Yves Larose
  7. [​IMG]

    The download of track did not work for me. (I probably did something wrong) Can I get a download here from anyone?
  8. Quas


    It still works for me. But i could have put up the rFCentral Mediafire link anyway since the sandtraps didn't need fixing and everybody is familiar with Mediafire, my bad.
    Here you go, Mr.Andersson:
    Tsukuba 2005
  9. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    there is a RFE version of the track what is that ???
  10. Quas


    I don't have the slightest idea, drove both versions and could not see a difference.
    Just checked the track thread on rFC and it says "RFE plugin support". Still don't know what that means.
  11. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    but we don't use that version ONLINE...or ??
  12. Quas


    Nope, we use the regular Tsukuba 2005, but it's the same anyway as far as i can see :).

    Edit: We did a few laps yesterday and the good news is, the less powerful cars that usually struggle to keep up or doing very good here, only a bit more than a second between the fastest and the slowest car in class.
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  13. Thank you very much Mr. Kostowski :thumbsup:
  14. Allan Ramsbottom

    Allan Ramsbottom
    i canny increase the speed captain.. Premium

    [​IMG]@Yves Larose plzzz..:);):thumbsup:
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  15. The RFE plugin is an update that allows you to drive in differing weather and track conditions.
    For it to work the track need to be compatable, everyone need the plugin installed and so on, a real bother but a very nice update if it works properly :)
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  16. I am getting a rfm mismatch...can anyone help me out please?
  17. Quas