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HistorX GTTC-A1 @ Primring - Tue 17th March 2015

Discussion in 'rFactor Racing Club' started by Quas, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Quas


    Server name:
    Class /Cars: GTTC A1
    Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA '65 '66
    Alpine Renault A110 1600s '70
    Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 '65 '66
    Austin Mini Cooper S 1310 '65
    Fiat Abarth 1000TC '65 '66
    Fiat Abarth 1000TCR '70
    Ford Lotus Cortina '66
    Jaguar Mark II 3.8 '65
    Lotus Elan 26R '65
    Lotus Elite '59 '61 '63
    Lotus Ford Cortina '65
    Renault 8 Gordini GR2 '67
    Simca Rallye 2 1300 '73
    Simca Rallye 2 1300 GR2 '75
    Simca Rallye 3 1300 '78

    Track: Primring GP 3.690 Km ( Download )
    Unpack the Mega download file and place the Locations folder of rfactor where the .exe sits

    Pit box allocation: (Download)
    As you may of see through the week the pit boxes were shared with this download this will sort out the problem back up you original as you will you need it to get on regular server.
    To install unpack and drop into you main rfactor/HistorX folder were the exe sits.

    See Main Forum for Official Race Time Clock

    Race 1: Primring GP 3.690 Km
    practice start time:
    GMT 20:00 (20 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 20:20 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 20:30 (13 laps)
    ----------------------- change car please ---------------------------------
    Race 2: Primring GP 3.690 Km
    Practice start time:
    GMT 21:00 (10 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 21:10 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 21:20 (13 laps)

    Note 1: Only default liveries or the liveries that come with the mod please
    Note 2: Over the week you will need to drive any car you want for each race.
    pick a car and drive with friends
    Note 3: To sign up, Tag me like this - @@Yves Larose or @@Jarek Kostowski Yes please
    this way we wont miss your sign up:)

    Racedepartment Calendar:Click here
    Server password:Click here
    Racing rules:Click here

    Entry List:
    1. Jarek Kostowski
    2. Denis Betty
    3. Hans Sneep
    4. Yves Larose
    5. Anders Nilsson (maybe)
    6. Allan Ramsbottom
    7. Roland Warmenhoven
    8. Sven-Arne Andersson
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    This is being held in our Club, using GTL Club Rules, and should be driven in that spirit.
    And it is not Touring cars !!!
    For info on HistorX 1.96 click below
    HistorX Mod Version 1.96
    HistorX Hints and Tips
    You can use the this to sign up with if you like just copy and paste

    If you need to sign out we have that covered as well


    Last edited: Mar 17, 2015
  2. Denis Betty

    Denis Betty
    Old cars rule! Staff Premium

  3. Quas


    Server is up
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  4. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i'll be there ;)
  5. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    no promise but il do my best to be there,love this mod :)
  6. Allan Ramsbottom

    Allan Ramsbottom
    Super Senior HistorX Club Driver.. Premium

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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    Onboard+trackside opening laps race 1 from sun. 15 th March

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  9. Quas


    I'm going small tonight, R1 in my favourite Abarth TCR and in R2 i'm gonna look like this (facial expressions included):

    See you later gents...
  10. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Ah, that lovely little Abarth! Not so easy to drift with though.

    Not sure at all if I'm going to make it. I have quite a lot of RDRC-League stuff to do. As always, will be a last minute sign up :)
  11. Quas


    That's cool with us, hope you'll make it.
    The reason i rarely get to put your name on the list is that i'm usually already in practice by the time you sign up :).
  12. Joining race 2 :thumbsup:
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Sorry, is no chance. I'll guess both me and @Roy Magnes is popping up later this week though! :)
  14. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Yet another great evening of fun racing ... thx all :)
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  15. Roland


    I have a weird game freeze on this track, right after the start of every session.:mad::mad: I have had it on more tracks, but usually it's only a few tenths long mini-freeze. Here it is well over a second in every session including race, so I was in dead last place both races even before turn 1.:(

    I really like the TCR however, it's really great throwing this little car around the track, so race 1 was good fun anyways, apart from a few too many spins:D

    Can't say the same about the Alfa GTA I picked for R2 though. Despite being not nearly as dull as the AC version (which REALLY disappointed me TBH) it's not the awesome:inlove: drive I remembered it to be in GTL either. Or maybe I just need more track time with it;).

    However, I had a nasty mis-shift in race 2 opening lap, dropping engine health straight down to 5%.
    After that I was cruising around and short-shifting to save the engine, until I realised that I was pointlessly slow, so tried pitting, and obviously did something wrong there, leaving the pits with 2% engine health left......:confused:
    After that I saw no point continuing as I'd never reach the end anyways.

    Grats to Yves and whoever won R2, THX Jarek for the event!

    If I can find a cure for the freezing I'll be back later this week...
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  16. Quas


    Great fun, there have been less battles in "The Gladiator" than in tonights races.
    Thanks guys :thumbsup:.

    Good luck with the league, love RBR but i for me it's a farming simulation as i spend most time in the fields ;). Didn't pop that 03.9 in the Abarth tonight but i was very close.

    Do you have an Nvidia card? If so, try wombats dll.
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  17. Allan Ramsbottom

    Allan Ramsbottom
    Super Senior HistorX Club Driver.. Premium

    sorry guys had issues with comp, sorted now so see u thurs..:)
  18. Roland


    Thx Jarek for the suggestion, but I have dual AMD graphics cards. With Xfire disabled in rF, as it does not work.:(

    Weird thing is, the freezes occur only once in each session, right at the moment I shift from 1st to 2nd gear for the first time.:confused:

    It happens in all sessions, online and offline.:confused::confused:

    It happens on default tracks as well, and also when using default cars with my HistorX install..:confused::confused::confused:

    So far I've ruled out XD to be the cause, as well as all mod content, +fullproc and +highprio swithes, compatibility modes and profile/PLR corruption.

    I have a default rF install next to my HistorX install, which is not affected..:confused::confused::confused::confused:
    This makes me rule out hardware / graphics driver issues as well..

    Can you see my confusion growing? :D

    I think a reinstall of HistorX is in order:cautious: thats a LOT of tweaks and settings to redo..:O_o: