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Historic GT & Touring Car 1.9 Released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ivo Simons, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Source virtualr



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  2. Can't wait to try it ! I'll wait a little bit though (lol), the mirror we have now is too slow.
  3. I played around with this for quite a while today, it is quite good. I found a couple minor bugs with detail settings, but other than that it seems very polished. Now they just need to get permission to convert that awesome Cougar mod from GTL.
  4. what a great mod, simply fantastic in every way!
    I think there is a bug in one of the mercedes when the wheel starts to shake as you jump into a car...
  5. Luv it. :inlove:
  6. Car list is ridiculously expansive.

    A great achievement, especially the modelling and the sounds. Oh my god, the sounds.
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  7. Still need to find a proper download link. Dont want to wait 18 days. :p
    Edit: Found the torrent link.
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  8. Just for the menu alone you should install it.
    Think we are gonna see this alot in rFactor 2. Very different menu's for different mods.
    So every mod feels like a new game.
  9. if i want to remove this ****** mod how do i do that , couse it messed up my sound on the comp?????
  10. I think you can uninstall it from the programs menu in windows control panel...
  11. Fantastic mod, really, I'm truly blown away... Some people complain about the lack of grip though, am I the only one who think this is not the case ?
  12. Sounds like your pc is crap Ingemar. I haven't heard of any sound issues, after installing it, i know i didnt.
  13. So we'd better install it on a new rfactor folder, right? I've read some problems after the installation, it seems to replace some kind of file that produces problems when switching to other mod..
  14. Some of the cars it is quite difficult to get the tires up to temp, that is probably the reason for that. These are supposed to be replica vintage tires anyway, so fighting for grip is part of the challenge I would say :) I am having a lot of fun with this mod, it has my vote for 2012 Mod of the Year already.

    I would definitely recommend it. It replaces some sounds, UI files, RealFeel ini, and needs a modified plr file.
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  15. :) all other mods and games work perfect but this mod ***** up my Rfactor game complety so i uninstalled it all and wait for the Rfactor2 ... :)
  16. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    I've downloaded part 1 but really struggling to get part 2 due to slow download speeds. Anyone got a decent link that isn't a torrent?!
  17. Ingemar, Try deleting the tranny grind plugin, its been causing too many issues.
    Sorry about before was being abit of a smart arse.
  18. i´ve uninstalled Rfactor need to cool of a bit :) before reinstalled it again. np Dave i saw the big smile on your face typing it.....
  19. Though some have had weird problems with their FFB and couple other minor things, for me everything is close to perfection.

    One of the Best slip angles made for rF!
    FFB feeling is great!
    Car inertia is wonderful!
    Sounds...sorry I just jizzed in my pants!

    Thank you very much!

    Have to admit I haven't even tried to change the setups yet, hopefully we don't see tires dropping through tarmac like in previous version. :D
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  20. Man, you take the words from my mouth....

    I don't think I need to change the setup to have fun with these cars, tath Escort, just AMAZING!!!