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Historic ATCC Stuff

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Mute, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. the VP and EB look awesome, i really hope decides to do this, take me back to my childhood!!
  2. The Holden VK. :inlove:
  4. It's not a game. Juste un render 3D. ;)

  5. Moffats '83 RX7

    Moffats '83 RX7

    Moffats '83 RX7

  6. i realise this, i just personally think it would be cool to have these in rfactor!
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  7. Would the models be able to come over to rfactor do you think?
  8. No way to high poly, would need extensive rebuilding and of course it's not the first time IC stuff was questioned to be used in games and none of them got to it anyway.
  9. rFactor 2 maybe if he allows?
  10. still it would even require some touching for rF2, I doubt it would happen to work without extensive work around
  11. For anyone who lives in WA, SimWorld already have the XC Falcon and A9X Torana in their simulation centres. Maybe, if you ask Kevo nicely, they might be updated and come out to play in rF2..
  12. i have a model of the group c rx7 (1st go at 3dsmax modelling as no one else was going to make this car) and am after some help in getting it into rfactor so i can use it with the TCL mod. keen helpers that know the process to visit ausfactor.com to see other progress shots and pm me there please! i'm keen to work on the bluebird or camaro z28 next.
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  13. someone has had to have put a car in game that can help
  14. still waiting for it from you :p
  15. Hi Chrisrx - Still_bacon pointed me here, if you join in to our forums at FVRFactor.com and PM FlashQld I'll be able to help you there.
  16. Thanks Flash.., and Chris, come back here and show us your warez in game too..
  17. i spied this somewhere..... currently using/borring a orsm side but it will be changed for the final :)

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  18. Hell yeah! If that makes it to the game, that'd be fantastic!