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WIP Hill Climb Turckheim 2009

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Tonio Block, Sep 4, 2009.

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  2. very interesting track
  3. not play rbr for a long time did like the way the g25 was too loose,but i give it a try tonight
  4. would be great to see that track in rfactor too. ;)
  5. When I finish my projects, I gonna put my root stuff for all.
    And also convert it to Rfactor.

    Is it possible to convert a BTB Pro to BTB Evo ?
  6. xoa


    Any news about the track?
  7. Anybody have this track on their HD? If so, give me a PM please!
  8. Yes it is, just copy track project and paste in "my projects" in BTB evo
  9. Bonjour, ou en est le projet?
    Le lien ci dessus est mort
  10. @Seb: This is an international forum, so use English please. (And yes I could read what you wrote, but that's not Le Point..)
  11. ok thanks Raido.

    Hello, where is the project?

    The link this above died.