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Skins Hilkuri Motorsports 1.0

A fantasy skin for Volkswagen

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  1. nice skins jebus keep up the good work.
  2. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    The skin king!!
    Im gonna try get my Ford skinned up soon :)
    Hey Jebus do you have the pace truck template? Or know how to get it?
  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated. It's been long summer and little time to do skins. Probably gonna start skinning again during this atumn. Itching to do some MAN skins.

    @Sam Smith Dunno about pace truck. Maybe it uses the same templates as other trucks. @Reiza Studios knows the answer,maybe we wait for them to let us know.
  4. Tried to install skins ,but they don t show up.
    please expain me how to do it.
  5. All you have to do is unpack the zip into your FTruck install folder. Did you try to install it to 2013 version or to the older one? I'm not sure if this skin works with FTruck 2013. It's made for the first version of the game.
    I'll test it with 2013 version later today and let you know.
  6. Unfortunately these skins doesn't work with 2013 without editing/making totally new .veh file. I might do that at some point.

    Also the folder naming is wrong. If you unpacked the zip straight to your ftruck 2013 install dir you have now FTruck folder in ...Formula Truck 2013/Gamedata/vehicles, you might want to delete it as there should be only FTruck2013 (and PaceCar) folders there. Hope this makes sense.
  7. Thanks for your quick reaction.
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  8. Hi jebus . got the skins work now.
    I created a new veh file from a original from the game veh file jardim.veh. duplicate
    Renamed it in to ADent. Opened veh file in notepad and changed default livery,number,team,driver,description.fullteamname renamed them from your original veh file.Removed your veh file put the new created veh file back, put hilkuri motorsports folder in VW teams folder.
    thanks for your tips:thumbsup:
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  9. So.... Can we ahve a patch file pls? (2013 version) ???
  10. Yeah, I'll fix it at some point and release all 4 skins as one 2013 compatible pack.
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