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Highlight Delays

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. due to some delays of getting the footage from spa the Highlights will be uploaded possibly after the Wolrd Series event at Italy I apologise for any inconvience or confusion caused
  2. I am Pleased to announce that the Highlights Editing has Finished it will be uploaded onto Youtube in a hour or so and will be featured in the FSR Media Center couple of minutes after uploading
  3. Due to starting college tommorow for this week the WT Highlights for the Italian Grand Prix will take longer than usual to upload on youtube and RD, we apologise for any inconvience or confusion caused.

    Ron Squire
  4. the WT Season Highlights release will be subject to change as the editing has taken longer than usual so i expect the Highlights to be finished by the end of January in the New Year

    Sorry for any inconvience but Jackson said i should show you the first race of the season

    Here is the Clip

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  5. It must be good if it's taking this long...

    Any normal highlights would take a month at max.
  6. Good effort Ron but what program are you using to edit all this? As Bradley says this is a long time for a highlights video.
  7. i am using AVS Video Editor, Bandicam and Photoshop CS4
  8. The way you've shown the rules at the start is nicely done I have to say although the graphics aren't perfect its a really good effort.
  9. I think to speak a little bit clearer, turn the music down a little bit..

    Otherwise, I love it! :)
  10. Is this going to be finished before or after the 2015 FSR Season?
  11. we all know its gonna finish beofre the 2015 season but it has taken longer than expected
  12. Ron, I think you should cancel the all Highlight project. It is in your benefit!
  13. no i wont
  14. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Agree, the music volume should be decreased a bit. I can't blame about the ingame graphics though, it's just your computer.
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  15. Ron if you need some help, I am quite happy to do commentary for it to decrease some of the time you have to spend doing that. It might allow you to concentrate on the other parts of the video. If this doesn't help decrease the time then fine but the offer's there.
  16. actually thomas since i got a new headset for christmas the audio on bandicam is not playing because it is a USB Headset and it is not compatible so i will send the program file to you with the FSR WT Logo included just put them to your audio settings record the replays in your timings send them to me so can do the commentary and a few tweaks to the overlays on my pc and will be release soon so all i am asking is for you to record the replays at least 30 clips and at most (less than) 55 clips and then send them to me via skype that is all my skype name is ron.squire1995
  17. Ok I've added you you might want to take the address back off here now unless you want to publicly share it.
  18. woah thats too far
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  19. So, when will this be ready?
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  20. i will have to wait word from thomas first
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