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Highlight change of plans

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone me and james are not doing regular highlights until next year and there is a very good reason for that me and james will release Season Highlights at the end of the season unfortunetely not including Spain and Belgium and after that Regular Highlights will begin next year and hopefully much advanced

    Thanks for Reading this Message

    Ron Squire
  2. Than it seems that your avatar is outdated! :D
  3. its not outdated i am still working on it
  4. If there is a good reason for it couldn't you at least let us know what that reason is?
  5. james capture software FRAPS is not working with fraps therefore he couldnt get the footage and i cant get the footage becuase A, getting footage from rFactor only takes a long time cos its a avi file comming out and B, i am not good at looking at the right times properly so we both decided to do Season Highlights instead of race highlights until the issue is sorted then Race Highlights will resume next year
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  6. Ok thanks. Good info.
  7. FRAPS sucks btw, use Dxtory. Dxtory have better quality and the files are not that large and it dont make this 5min parts.
  8. If ur HDD sucks it's absolutely useless...
  9. thats right ...