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Higher pressures = Faster laptimes? - :confused:

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tariq Gamil, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. This never made sense to me. I was messing around with tyre pressures in the Lotus and found that if I run with 30 psi at the front and 31 psi at the rear, I was able to achieve faster laptimes than with the default settings of 26 and 27 :confused:. In all sims I've played, I've always understood that if you want more grip, lower tyre pressures but with the Lotus in AC, I go faster with higher pressures. I did think that perhaps it's linked to the fact that with higher pressures, the car would technically be more responsive, similarly to stiffening suspension so maybe that could be it?
  2. Lower grip also generally means less rolling resistance, so you accelerate better.

    It also changes the shape of the contact patch, higher pressure means it's more contact at the center of the tire, lower pressure means more at the edges. I don't know where the ideal is on the Lotus that spreads it evenly, but you do want it across the whole tire so it lasts longer.
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  3. Or may be higher pressure mean easier to drift ?? I see many player drift thru almost every corner in this ACTP ...
  4. Higher pressures mean higher top speed, better acceleration, less rolling resistance etc.

    Lower means more grip, higher rolling resistance, etc

    As this Elise is a momentum car, ie. you need to carry speed to do a fast lap time, the higher pressures can give you that lap time if you can keep it on the track.

    For me I use default pressures and I'm on a 23.301 currently.
  5. Hi,

    I would like to now more about setup in AC.

    The TP gave us only the possibility to set tires pressure.

    Is AC will be on same way than NKPro about setting the cars ? (many setting possible)

    Is it possible to see a screenshot from the setting screen ?
  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    AC is a SIM and so you will have plenty of settings and setups to play with :)
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  8. Brendon77 : Can you please quickly explain the technic? I'm sure it's why I'm so slow...
  9. The loaded, outer tire needs more pressure on a car with the weight and body roll of an Elise.

    Also if there ar no cld and hot pressures simuilated, you have to set the hot pressure I guess, at least that's what makes sense in other sims :unsure:
  10. I guess there will only be possibility to change as many values as in real counterpart.. like in iRacing for example.
  11. Randy Chamberlin

    Randy Chamberlin
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    Here ya go

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  12. Randy Chamberlin

    Randy Chamberlin
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  13. He meant car setup settings, but thanks mate :D
  14. Just curious as to what lap times people are putting down and what set ups you are running.
  15. hi. does anyone know which folder holds the individual car setups i've made? or is there even such a folder. I tried searching for my setup names but can't seem to find them. the reason i ask is i'm going to share a car setup to a friend and i though it's just a matter of sending him the setup file. thanks
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  16. be in your assetto corsa folder in my documents
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  17. wow, they are indeed in My Documents. Many thanks Paul
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  18. I have a friend who timed in at 1:43.xxx will try to get his setup. Anyone who can also share their setup would be great :)

  19. i did low 1.43 but ive seen on youtube someone doing 1.41, i believe that was done with default setup. im still playing with setup..i hope someone will upload to compare it :)
  20. I am doing mid to high 43's with the default setup on super soft tyres... Low 43's are possible though I just can't get it together :p

    I am playing with the setup a bit at the moment but it then becomes quite a handful, haven't found anything driveable which makes me really faster yet...
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