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High texture mod for 2gb videocards.

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Lukilla, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. It seems that hi-res textures are a bit too much for some video cards (stuttering) and that non hi-res setting delivers subpar quality, so I have tweaked some textures to make it look a ton better and still run smoothly. It makes a night and day improvement on my 2gb card, just backup your files and unpack to your game folder.

    For better results turn in-game vsync off and instead force it through control panel graphics driver. Circuit textures are unaltered, just select "hi-res" in the game launcher.

    2gb Gfx mod:


    How I was playing before to avoid the annoying stuttering :p

    I hope someone with good internet speed here could create a mirror for the files :p

    Download: Working in new version that fixes all graphic glitches. Update soon.
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  2. No differences for me in framerate :sick:
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  3. It´s more of a stuttering/IQ fix than a framerate fix.
  4. Ok but it stutter anyway. Disabling the AFX is a better choice
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  5. It would be good to have more control over this AFX stuff, to be able to adjust the different effects.

    Ps.- Actually I just got an idea :p Let me see...
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  6. Nice, thank you.
    What kind of textures do you changed, bikes, tracks or both?
  7. Just bikes and suits.
  8. @Lukilla
    Whats your graphic card, AMD or Nvidia?

    Ok. And once more I've questions to the stuttering:
    How to emerge the stuttering in game, immediately or just after a few laps?

    I remember an old Milestone problem with the stuttering after a while of driving. It exists since SBK 11, WRC 3 and so on.
    But ironically the problem disappeared in MotoGP 13 ... for now I suspect someth. bad ...
    Maybe, anybody of you can confirm this.
  9. I have a gtx660, it has intermittent stuttering right from start. Btw I´m disabling those links because I´m working in a new version that fixes normal maps and other glitches and improves smoothness furthermore.
  10. realitychecked


    Don't forget to upload the new mod to the resource manager.
  11. Can't wait for the update to this :D
  12. where can i download it?
  13. Wheres the mod gone?
  14. realitychecked


    Down until the modder puts it on the resource manager. I've explained this a few times. Wow.
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