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Hi to all and a question.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gary Levy, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Hello everybody!

    What a nice friendly community it is here :)

    Was going to post this in the intro's thread but I've got a quick question as well and I didn't want to clutter it up.
    Having not really played many racing games for some years, I saw the preview vids of F1 2010 and thought 'That looks great I'll give it a go' in short this has given me the racing bug!

    But as some of you may know F1 has unfortunately turned into a bit of a mess for some PC users like myself, with the chances of fixes from CM fading by the day. Now looking on here I see a almost bewildering array of different racing leagues, games etc. and would like to try something else.

    So my quick question to the experts is this. Which game should I choose? Bearing in mind I'm looking for :-

    • Realism (physics, setups, telemetry etc).

    • Thriving online.

    • I prefer open wheel racing.

    Any answers/help is very much appreciated and once again, hello to you all and I look forward to chatting with you in the future.:)

  2. :welcome:

    netKar Pro :)

    Not netKar Pro :(. At least not that much here.

    netKar Pro :D
  3. Thanks for the tip :) Looking into NKpro (looks amazing, especially coupled with the AIM software) and also rFactor as it seems to have the biggest online element.
  4. Yup, that bit is great fun :)

    Tried the demo a looong time ago, didn't care for it then. And don't want to buy now when rf2 is around the corner.
  5. go for rfactor! :D