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Hi there from England

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PhilT, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm Phil. A computer programmer based south of the M25.

    Been racing PC games since Microprose Grand Prix days (ah! Actually the first racing game I played was an F1 game on the C64 but I was about 7 and physics weren't in that games vocab. or graphics or anything for that matter but we loved it). I've played everything from arcade racers such as most of Codys back catalog and games like Need for Speed Most Wanted (both old and new ones), Colin Mcrae, Trackmania and simcades like F1 2011/2013 to sims like Race 07 and GTR. I won't be buying any future F1 or Grid games from Codys (they never change anything in F1 other than who's in what team and Grid Autosport really started to annoy me with it's horrible menu and arcady physics).

    I've just preordered Project CARS. But not sure if I can wait so I'm looking at games such as Asetto Corsa, Wreakfest, Raceroom and the rFactor project. However I'm worried I'll be spreading myself to thinly!

    I've got a G27 racing wheel but may upgrade to a Fanatec once I've moved house later in the year.

    When I'm not racing, I'm floating around the universe that is Elite Dangerous. I've also been known to play the odd shooter (COD, FarCry, Crysis, Arma, Insurgency, etc, etc) and I've also put plenty of hours into Supreme Commander, Total/Planetary Annihilation!

    Wow, I've played a lot of games! Funny when you put it all down!

    Anyway, long post, sorry. Nice forum. Felt it was time I signed up to it!