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HI Converter - G27 Sequential Mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by maree, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    HI Converter is the most simple, economic and functional way to have a realistic sequential shifter in your G27. This is a mechanical device from a single piece, easy to install, that does not alter the original shifter preserving the warranty of the wheel.

    HI Converter is a device manufactured by our modder Ximu and can only be purchased in simgadgets.net

    Take advantage of the introductory offer!

    More info HERE

    firma [50%].jpg


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  2. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    That does look pretty good!
  3. nice. Ordered. Simples innit
  4. this looks very good
  5. Peter

    Premium Member

    How good is this mod?
    I now have a rubberband modded shifter with my T500 and was thinking of getting a TH8rs shifter.
    This is allot cheaper when it's good enough and safe to order.
  6. Peter

    Premium Member

    I orderd one and will let you know if it gets deliverd and how good/bad it is in compare to a rubberband mod.
  7. It looks great, but I like to be able to switch between H shift and seq. shift, so this would take too long to swap. I am using extension springs instead of rubber bands and it works fine at the moment, but I must try and develop something a bit more 'professional' looking when I get chance ! :)
  8. Peter

    Premium Member

    It's already on the way to my place:)
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  9. Peter

    Premium Member

    I got it now, it took 5 min from opening the door for the postman and ready attached.
    It feels really good and beats any rubberband.
    If you want a Seq. shifter without spending to much, this is the way to go.
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  10. This looks really good and I need a sequential shifter, but I use the H pattern quite often so this wouldn't be practical for me :(

  11. Hi Peter,
    I would like to buy one.
    How long is the delivery time? I didn't find it on the website.
    thank you.
  12. Peter

    Premium Member

    He did sent it immediatly but it stayed in the post office a few days waiting for a plain. when I remember correct it was a week waiting.
    Ordered 12 jan. and arrived 19 jan.
  13. Thank you Peter.
    I wanted to write them (Ximu) on the site, but for any reason I can't.
    Strange because I registered on the website.
    Anyway, I will order it soon.

    Edit: I ordered this morning (June 17h) :)