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Hi All!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Ray Green, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Just signed up to this forum and have enjoyed all of the Codemasters F1 games of late and have been playing them on the PS3 but after looking at this web site and buttering up the wife I now have a new PC coming to replace my PS3 :)

    The last time I played PC gaming was when Grand Prix 4 was around and loved the MOD community and looking forward to installing the MOD's here to improve the game 10 fold.

    On that note I see there are lots of MODs that can be installed, can anyone recommend the main ones to have? and is there also a "No CD" patch like there was on Grand Prix 4 so I don't have to insert the game every time.

  2. Games are with codes now, you won't have to insert a disc. Just put the code in Steam and you'll just need Steam to run every time you start the game. But no CDs. :)
  3. Ah OK, proves how long its been since I played on PC's lol

  4. Hello Ray Green

    Welcome to RaceDepartment

    As already said, steam is now the replacement of discs. Although you can still buy games with discs... Just buy direct from Steam, and avoid that hassel.

    Mod's Forum

    If you need any help around the site give me a shout :)

    All the best!


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  5. Thanks Dan,

    I have already brought the game on disk (as I found it brand new for £11) I take it this means that I will need to insert the disk then?

  6. Don't you have a code on the disc? If you do - just put that code in steam. :)
  7. Ah OK :)

  8. Think I paid £4 or £6 for my F1 2012 when they discounted it at the Australian GP
  9. Can anyone recommend the best MOD's to download as I have been looking through the list and there is loads lol

    Can you have multiple MOD's or only one as a lot of them say replace the database file which there is only one so I assume you can only have one MOD that makes changes in the DB?
  10. some work with eachother, others tend to cause problems mate.... Best bet is trial and error - one at a time

    F1 2013 is a good mod try that one mate :)
  11. Perfect I was looking at that one, PC comes Thursday and this game is the first one on so I'll try this MOD and hopefully the MOD that opens up all teams from the start will work with it......