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hi all new here and gtr2

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Rick Fowler, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. hi all just joined up as just got back into driving games well since i played f1 many moons ago and just brought a nice new shiney g25 wheel setup.

    right the games i have are race 07,gtr2,stcc-the game and race on,basically got the games as a package off steam.

    my question are

    is there anything else i need to download that is a must have,maps,cars ect?

    also could someone give me if poss a few car settings to get me started?

    or is there somewhere i can find settings for the cars,all a bit new to me.

    not sure what else i should know really so any pointers help would really be great.

    one last question for now

    dowloadable content you get off here where's it go in my game folders not sure if its different for steam games or not?

    i look forward to hopefullly some helpful replies


  2. another question yet again,whats the best setup for my g25 wheel in g25 profiler and in game settings finding it a bit confusing?

    when driving i like to use everything manual ie clutch but noticed you can still change gear is there something i need to change auto clutch is diabled but still can change gear am i missing something.

    sorry for the million and one questions just want to get setup right so i can enjoy the sim more,so any help/advice is more than welcome.

    is there any servers for beginners to on as dont want to ruin all the pro's racing time.
  3. nobody home one here or have i posted in the wrong section!!
  4. Welcome to Racedepartment.
    Before you start changing things to setups you must make sure you drive consistent lap times and get to know the track.
    Looking at the games you have I don't think you need any other game.
    Feel free to ask any other questions.
  5. i think you mean gtr evolution is in the package, not gtr2?
  6. oops so it is sorry old age is kicking in!!

    so i take it i have messed up and put it in the wrong area.