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Hi All from the NewBoy

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DesKane, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. DesKane

    dksRacing Kaney Premium Member

    Hello to everyone at RaceDepartment,

    Just stumbled across your website/forum and it looks great, so I thought I must sign up.

    a bit about me……...
    I am fairly new to serious sim racing but been involved in playing games since I was a kid, always loved motor racing and spent 5 years or so Marshalling at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire with my dear old brother.

    I have just binned off my Thrustmaster T500RS with all the trimmings, shifter etc and have made for me a serious investment in the latest Fanatec kit, this is all currently on order as of today so I cannot wait to set this lot to turn up.

    However I know what will kill me is that I have only just discovered that I can't purchase the Clubsport V2 Wheel Base unless invited !!! So I shall TRY to wait patiently until then.

    I hope this paints a reasonable picture that I am fairly serious about getting the best I can out of sim racing, so the next big thing for me has got to be the OBUTTO Revolution rig ……..……..

    If there is any advice out there from you guys on where to bolt the new Fanatec gear when it arrives please any advice will most certainly be welcome as I am still researching which would be best for the depth of my pocket !!

    Hope to see you on iracing or Assetto Corsa or Project Cars so many great out there now, so much better than my old C64 back in the day ;-)

    Best Regards to all on here,