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Hi all, another newb and a couple of questions.

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by DGee, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just started playing/racing NtkarPRO, very impressed with it. Usually play RaceOn (Simbin stuff) etc, NKP is much more enjoyable from the FFB/Physics side.

    Really struggling with the Vintage though, just seem to lose it so easily. Any tips on driving style etc would be most welcome.

    Is there much of an online league scene for UK/EU, any good active sites for tracks/skins etc.

  2. Heya

    I'm a slow driver, so probably not the right person to answer this, but what the hell.
    It's just a fun car for me, I drive it like a rally car :). Throw it in corners, opposite lock, and steering with the throttle. You just need to go easy on the right foot. Also, brake early for corners, the car is going much faster than what it seems like.

    No clue about skins, but there is a site with tracks. Unfortunately, almost all of them are illegal conversions, so can't link to it.
  3. Thanks Senad,

    Think you may be right, the lack of speed sensation make me want to boot it more, which results in the harder braking and loss of control.

    Tried tweaking the brake bias & MULT settings last night, seemed to help quit a bit.

    Been looking a bit more for tracks & skins, actually d/l a few from links in this forums racing sub forum.
  4. I remember downloading a sound mod for the vintage before, giving it a more brutal sound, and a clearer cue that you're going to die if you don't brake 4 miles before a corner.
  5. MORE brutal!!!?!?!? Your ears must be bleeding afterwards!
  6. Can someone upload a telemetry file from netkar for me? I've never been able to upload the telemetry dump file into AIM. I am just curious as to what the sample rate in netkar is. Thanks.
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  7. Starting to get more used to it now, really is enjoyable steering with pedals, doesn't help when you jump into the Vintage straight after the KS2 or Target (feels like someones coated the tyres with grease & removed the brakes :D ).
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  8. The only way to roll :D
  9. Hi, very bad Arbarth driver here, so I was wondering what is the best time for f2000 at crema?
    Where do we find best times for netka?
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  10. Thx for the info...

    Not sure what's up here, but I used crema and the F2000 and did 1min27.8 on my 2nd lap with default, so when I went to the timesheets, only a few times were recorded, but the best was 1min 31....however it said something about crema s2.....so are there more than one crema versions?

    Crema was the demo track, so I thought I'd start there.....F2000 is good on the brakes, but f1600 is a lock up fest, even with 54 bias...
  11. Many tracks have diferent layouts so Crema has sector 1(layout)and sector 2(another layout).
    But Crema wasnt possible to play online so RSR fixed that and the new tracks are Crema RSR sector ...(i think they changed a bit the track).
    Here is the link to RSR to download many tracks: mod edit don't link to pages that also contain illegal conversion!
    (u can do it also from server list page)

    Also,Rank works on servers,if u wanna save ur time automatically u have to join a server which is ranked,has to have the RANK sympol-its on the right of the server list page i gave u in previous post which is orange color with a "R" letter in it.
  12. Thx again Vaggelis.
    Is there a difference in times whether they're on or offline?
    I notice the only time for Melbourne F2000 was 2m00....but I did 1m57.9 offline.
    F2000 drives like F3000....
  13. No diference.I just told u about online so u can save ur time in rank page ;)
    If u want to compare ur time usully look for combos that many racers saved times so that u know that are many who tryed to drive on limit ;)
    About ftarget/f2000,my opinion is that maybe in first time u drive them look a bit same but after many kilometres u will see that ftarget is more nervous car than f2000.
    F2000 seems to have more downforce or something,its more "easy" car to handle,but u can see it by ursef.
    Anyway have fun mate,cu online :)
  14. Definitely, I'm just trying to get a sense of where I am.
    I didn't see any melbourne servers, maybe I can save a replay file or something....
    Anyway, more work on that later:)
  15. ftarget is much faster as well, I did 1m24.7 at Crema...but my laps are rough.....when I do a smooth session, I'll upload the replay file.