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Hey from Australia

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AussieDucker, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. AussieDucker

    Premium Member

    As I've just become a Premium member I figured I should probably say g'day as I've stopped being a lurker and joined in a couple of racing events on AMS.

    So yeah, I'm Ian, live in Sydney and I'm a train driver. My hobbies include baseball, star wars, and being a backmarker in sim racing.

    Hope to hang around for a while, maybe join in a racing league on AMS once they kick off.

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  2. AussieDucker

    Premium Member

    And in typical fashion I've ****ed up the first corner and posted this in the wrong forum. If anyone could move it to the correct forum that'd be appreciated. FMD.
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  3. Chris Stacey

    Chris Stacey
    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium Member

    All good mate, no harm being posted here :)
    I am also a Star Wars fan!
  4. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    hi mate,

    im guessing the SuperV8 might be a favourite to drive... welcome BTW..
    train driver, cool job.
  5. AussieDucker

    Premium Member

    That's a relief. Felt like a right mong!

    You know what, until AMS I hated closed cockpit racing, I'm an F1 fan through and through, and only ever played the Codies F1 games until a few years back when I got into iRacing. I stuck around the Skip Barber series for most of that time before jumping up to Star Mazda but was completely dumbfounded to car setups so I never really got in to it.

    After purchasing rFactor off steam on the cheap I fell in love with car setups and what have you whilst racing against AI who I always set a peg or two lower than needed to make me look better than I am.

    AMS prompted me to start looking for some online leagues and I've aways been a lurker on RD but decided to play around with some of the other cars. The V8s are a blast to race, and sound awesome too. Can't wait for a Club race with them on Brasilia!

    Train driver isn't all it's cracked up to be by the way. Imagine doing a 6 hour endurance race entirely behind the safety car and that's basically driving a train. Boring :sleep:
  6. Welcome to the backmarker's club, hopefully our lap times are quite similar so we can have fun racing each other for the last spot :)
    See you on track
  7. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    Ian, welcome aboard.

    Wouldn't it be great if BMC would organize races (RF2, AMS, AC, RRRE, pC1, whatever the game) on our own (kind of like having a second server with regular races where you qualify if your qualifying time is 5% off the fastest) and we would be able to fight throughout the race for positions at the front? Haven't driven for last 40 days or so, been busy scanning 4000+ slides and negatives my dad made some 50+ year ago, so no spare time, but it'll be over some time SMSoon and i'd like to join events where i don't have to watch :confused: my rear mirror constantly for others to pass me.

    Oh, BMC is short for Back Markers Club.
  8. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    If you drive near the back then I'd better say hi as we will be seeing a lot of each other... So Hi from the UK! I too am into baseball now...my ams time is soon to be diminished by the release of mlb the show 16 tomorrow! Go Blue Jays!
  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Hi, and a belated welcome to RD. Since you've been here awhile you probably know where and how to find things so I look forward to seeing you on track and having fun here on Race Department:)
  10. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    Wow, MLB 16 sure looks good, if only i had the time and knowledge (and enough fingers to press all the 20+ buttons on the controller) to play it. There must be like TB of animations in the game, at first it looked like real to me.
  11. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    i've just started the preload now....it really is not difficult to pick up and play ...nba2k is but this isn't. i bought my ps4 for 15 as every year i would read about how it is the best sports franchise. it seriously is...it has got me into baseball. and like it it isn't hard to understand and play, no button combos and you can simplify the controls with many different layouts. IMO the greatest sports game ever
  12. Andrej Svajger

    Andrej Svajger
    Premium Member

    Well, it's on PC too, right? If there was an option to add another 24 hrs in one day, i'd go for it, but i'd buy more ww1&2 strategy games then and i'd still be left with no time to spare. Anyway, MLB 16 looks awesome, enjoy the ride. We're a bit OT here.
  13. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    Lol Yeh slightly off topic... Yeh there just ain't enough hours In the day. Ps4 only btw!