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Here is a summary - PLEASE READ Milestone and Gamers

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by rkh, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. rkh



    1. Graphics are indeed better

    2. Physics have clearly been improved

    3. On certain tracks, the A.I. actually does work quite well, with riders spooling off sort of realistic lap times during the race.

    4. Love the fact that we have test days now on which we can improve the bike further, having these features in general is a real positive. Testing and improving parts for the bike...really cool.

    5. The feature of telling your manager to look for a team, while you try and impress that very team with results. The aspect of "contract negotiations" is much improved this year.

    6. Touchscreen laptop found on the desk in your moto trailer is also much improved. More information for the current season, such as showing your results from each race readily visible by simply scrolling, also nice. Finally I can see the season's results from each race at one glance.


    1. While the graphics have been improved, one has to jump through way too many hoops in order to enjoy great graphics, as well as fluid playability. This is absolutely true for top of the line machines such as mine. FX8320 @ 4.4Ghz, Asus Sabertooth 990FX motherboard, 8GB RAM, Asus GTX 760. I am playing way more demanding games on max settings without as much as a hickup. So, clearly this needs to be addressed...only after literally hours of tweaking my own video settings, turning Milestone's AF and High Resolution off am I now sort of close to the results I was looking for. Some users are still experiencing severe issues. This needs to change asap.

    2. Phyics Model could yet be improved and wet races are just too easy and once again there are too many of them. The difference in grip compared to a dry track is not big enough. Also, the wetter it is the harder it should be and vice versa. A drying track should not be the same as one that gets wetter.
    Damage Model: There is virtually no crash that will ever cost you the race. Sure you drop back, but most of the crashes in real life there is no going on. We also need to see the damage, such as bent steering, tires, dirt on the livery, etc. You had that in MotoGp 13, the livery got dirty, when it skidded across gravel or grass.

    3. There is still a huge problem with the A.I. Certain tracks it works, but most tracks it doesn't. Very frustrating to deal with the change of lap times when comparing qualifying to race times.

    4. Career Mode - When signing with a bigger team than before, one still has to go through improving the bike from scratch and the bike is rather slow. Even if that is with the best team, such as Red Bull, one basically starts from zero again, fighting for 6th -10th through the first few races. That makes no sense!

    5. Strange settings. The user has to resort to odd keyboard combinations in order to save controller setting or exit the game. You have to use ALT+F4, rather than being able to just quit the game via corresponding button on joypad or simply pressing ESC. In order to save controller settings, you have to use the keyboard ONLY. Select CONTROLLER-JOYPAD-PRESS ESC. Only then will your previous settings come up and you can use the joypad. Various other technical issues, such as launching the game.

    All in all, I feel the game has lots of potential, though. BUT, it is imperative that the aforementioned problems are addressed. Hope dies last.
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  2. i totally agree with your negative points. Number 4 in Career is very frustrating. There ia a lot of ups and downs with my times as i develop my bike. Does anyone know if this affect the championship mode also??
  3. rkh


    My username on STEAM is EMREN. I posted the same exact "summary" there for Milestone. They just responded with this :)

    Hi Emren,

    Thank you very much for the sum up.
    It's important for Milestone to let you know that we care about our customers and our products.

    We have already gathered all the feedback our community has submitted here and to our customer support, since day-one.
    Our team is already focused on making a patch on the reported issues.

    We will update you about it as soon as we can release new information.

    Thank you for your support.
    Milestone Team
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  4. Good news. Thanks.
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  5. Your number 4 negative seems the positive for me, it's realistic because you can't be a top rider just because you have a good team, in real life, you have to work yourself on the better components for your bikes, such as brakes, etc...
  6. realitychecked


    They're making some videos on riders giving feedback for the game so I guess they are really focused on this game.
  7. rkh


    No, it is already being addressed as an issue. So, think about what you just said. How can you compare any of this to real life? And if you already decide to do so, think of it like this. Career Mode is set up in a way that you, the player, assume the role of a talented rider, that gets a couple of wild card shots. You and me would never get that chance to begin with. Now, depending on those 2 results, you can negotiate accordingly with other teams for the new season. Step by step, it could look like this.

    1. Promising talent gets 2 wild card starts

    2. Finish better than the given objectives for those 2 races (22nd) and you can actually sign with Efren Vazquez' team or another "fairly" competitive team.

    3. 100% clear that this is your first full season now, you are officially part of the team and the bike needs to be improved, parts, testing etc. Makes perfect sense.

    4. Ok, full first season is finished, depending on your riding+setup skills, say you finished 10th in the standings. Great, because that result will now enable you to sign with a true top team.

    5. Having now signed with a top team, unless we are talking complete rule and technological changes (such as Formula 1 underwent before its current season), where each team has to actually figure out how to be competitive within these new regulations, there is no way the Estrella or Red Bull teams would be this slow. Part of the thrill is that you move on to better bikes, not having to do the exact same thing as the previous season trucking along mid-field. Might as well stay with the same team then. And that is exactly why it is being treated as a bug.

    6. Real life references: Look up talented riders that have caused a splash in any MotoGP class over the years. They started exactly how Milestone simulates "Career Mode". And once they got signed by big teams nobody hovered around 7th or worse and having to improve the bike until it basically reaches the level it is supposed to already have. Especially Miller is a great example, he got signed by Red Bull this year because of his results the previous year when he was on a much weaker bike. Did he start out with Red Bull like he did with the other team? He's leading the championship, isn't he?

    In closing, I'd like to mention TENNIS ELBOW 2013. What a ridiculously fun game that is and highly realistic. Simulates the career of a tennis player. You have to improve your skills over time, no way you'll be in the top 10 - 20 within your first 2 seasons on the tour. BUT, as you continue to improve said skills, they do not revert to 0 at the end of the calendar year, forcing you to have virtually no skills again. No, you build on what you did throughout the year and slowly but surely you'll get your skills to a top level. That's realistic.
  8. Whoa man, that's a long explanation, sure it's an issue by becoming top rider just in a season and several minutes playing... but what can we do with that? nothing, we can only count on Milestone to fix this unfinished game
  9. realitychecked


    The game is finished, but the porting was not fully completed.
  10. Yeah i guess they port it in hurry