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Helping a bad driver... ?!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by angelooliveira, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi folks, I know it sods strange but I need a advice or a mod to solve this.

    Is there a better way to learn the track instead of driving for hours and hours?? Is there a mod with flashback option?? I only race offline.

    And what about a mod with green and red line like f1 codemaster?? The AI always has different points to break.

    Some of you can think I am being a amateur asking that and you are right, I do not have too much time to train and race without assistance. What take away my motivation is racing for 10, 15 laps and the AI just make a fool movement and blow away my whole race.
  2. That is exactly how you learn a track, and no there is no mod for a flashback feature and to be honest you should honestly break the habit of needing a racing line. Simply because you get so used to finding the ONE spot to brake that eventually when you are racing someone and are off you normal line you end up braking way to early or too late because your not used to being over there. A racing line (i believe) is never right and the best way is figuring out the fastest way around by yourself. You will be a better driver without the help of steering assists, brake assists and all the other stuff.
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  3. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    GSC 2013 needs time & practice it's very much a PC sim without any arcade aids. But if you take small steps with it really is a joy, try starting in the slower cars a build up your speed & skill.
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  4. Start with slower cars, AI is very good as long as your on pace.

    Time to lap is key if looking at sim racing, no easy away around it unfortunately.

    Edit: ask my wife....
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  5. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Watching the AI can help a bit. Not so much how they drive but the lines they take. Might give you a different perspective and some tips.

    Another tip that someone passed onto me not so long ago is look at the track and see where there are curbs. They are there for a reason and you should most likely getting the car close to the curbs to get the maximum speed out of the car. If you drive in cockpit view like me, you may need to just watch the AI or a replay and observe the track a little more. It does help!!
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  6. Thank you!! Yesterday I selected the Mini and drove for 30 laps before a race. Then practice, qualify and a race. :mad::sneaky::thumbsup:

    I watched the AI, tried different lines and break points. Naturally my time got faster and to drive got easier, softly. :whistling:
    After racing the same car and track for a long time, about 50 laps, the GSCE got soo much likable and enjoyable. ;) From now on, just ONE track and ONE car for a long period.

    I noticed the MINI is soo nice to drive, when you are turning, if you release the accelerator, the car get easier to turn, but after 0.5 second you accelerate again to get grip.
    Another thing, when you are changing the gear and getting slow before to turn, even if not breaking, the tire lock down. :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
    Thank all of you!!!
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  7. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    In the Mini try down-shifting later than you are; I find down-shifting earlier extends the braking zone. While it's true that you can help slow down the car by downshifting, remember the primary purpose of lowering the gears is to get maximum acceleration out of the corner. I find that braking but staying in gear is more effective in the Mini, then I lower the gears just before turn in.
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