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Help with wheel settings

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by iammx, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could help with my wheel settings with this game before I tear all my hair out.

    So I'm using a Logitech Driving Force GT on PC. It's the first time I've had a wheel and it's proving difficult to get to grips with. I've played racing games all my life pretty decently on a pad up to now, including the first week or so with F1 2016. Since switching to the wheel I'm really struggling with throttle application with no traction control on this game. More to the point, I'm just getting no 'feeling' when I'm wheel-spinning. The car just doesn't feel connected to the track and it's like driving on ice. When in mid-corner I'm drifting and on slow exits I'm snaking all over the place and have no confidence or feel as to when I don't have the traction to put more power down. I can put the odd lap together in TT but it's literally impossible to put any consistent laps in without major mistakes, let alone lapping at a solid consistent pace, all of which I could do no problems on a pad (admittedly with med-TC because TC off on pad is ridiculous).

    I've tried messing with the FFB settings, the advanced wheel settings for weeks and can't find anything I'm comfortable with. I've even googled settings for the wheel and tried recommended settings. Whatever I've tried there's just no feedback telling me when I'm losing traction or anything. One lap I'll have a good feeling through a certain turn and the next lap it'll feel like I'm driving it the exact same but I'll lose it. I'll be like 15-20% throttle in 2nd or 3rd coming round a high-speed corner or coming out of a slow turn and I'll slowly feather the throttle up to 25-30% and without any warning I'm facing the wrong way. I've had the throttle linearity super high, I've dropped the pedal sensitivity on Logitech profiler way way down but no matter how gentle I am on throttle I'm just getting nowhere.

    Is this just me? a feedback problem? Does the game have no feedback that relates to grip or wheel-spin? I know I need to practice a lot but it feels like no matter how much I do, I'll never get to grips with this game because of that lack of knowing when you're a split-second from facing the wrong way. Or maybe there's some magic wheel setting that will fix everything? It's like when you hear F1 drivers in an interview say "I just couldn't feel the car under me/had no confidence", that's the only way I can describe this problem. Any help would be super appreciated. :thumbsup:
  2. I''ve got the same problems, that's because I stopped playing f1 2015.
    I was confident on f1 2016 but now I'm near to give up. I watched almost any setup (car/wheel) video and hours and hours of training in various tracks (australia, china, spain just a few) but I haven't find the right wheel setup yet, it's like 'holiday on ice', oversteer is my second name.
    I think the major problem is the throttle, no matter how sensitivity/linearity/deadzone you choose, you loose the back end in almost any slow turn or in the better case you loose time because of the low acceleration exiting corners.
    FFB it's another problem, there's no way to feel the track.

    I can't try other wheels, but as I read in other forum/discussion Logitech is the wrong name, Thrustmaster is better, at least in this game.
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  3. That doesn't sound good. I guess it's maybe a FFB problem. I can't see how one wheel manufacturer is so much better or not on one specific game. The FFB giving the sensation of traction just isn't in the game it seems. Even on a pad it felt better from what I remember because when you start to lose traction it starts to vibrate but on the wheel you just get no warning, no sound, feeling, nothing. :(
  4. I have a G29 on PS4 but my FFB settings are 85, 75, 80. I also turn my steering linearity up so I dont have to rotate the wheel as much to turn. Also setups are a huge factor in how the car feels. It's not all to do with the wheel and pedal settings. I would recommend checking out the setups on this site or over at http://f1carsetup.com/ The differential is a setting that will affect this a lot. If you are spinning to easily, turn the linearity up. If you put it at 100%, the car won't step out unless you really throttle it full on a sharp turn
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  5. Here's something I learned last night thanks to Monaco. If you turn the sensitivity on your wheel down too much, though it might be easier to steer and control the car, you won't be able to turn fast enough in some of the corners. If you can't turn fast enough, you drive slower and you might think you're suffering from understeer. I increased the sensitivity (you can do it in the profiler as well as in-game) and gained two seconds per lap because now I was able to get through the turns after the chicane in higher gear.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I tried some setups from the site suggested and they seemed to help a bit. It's still difficult to feel the car though, even with throttle linearity at max I'm still having snap oversteer with no warning signs. It's just so random. I think it'll just take hundreds of laps on each track to memorize the throttle applications for each corner so it becomes muscle memory, which is kinda silly. Unless there's a way to mod the FFB or something to give a better feel for traction I just think it's a case of the game lacking in this area ultimately. It's just a shame, codies finally did a solid job this year and coming from a pad where I could be super consistent over the years and thinking the wheel would be a better experience overall.
  7. Any specific track your playing right now? And what car? I could maybe recommend the setup I found to be the best? I havent even played close to all the tracks yet. I am up to Monaco in my career, but I have also played a lot of singapore and I am decent there (1:44) so I can check what setup I liked for each and recommend it. Also, what platform are you on? Did you try out the FFB settings I recommended?
  8. I am playing on PS4 so I am not sure exactly what setting would be "sensitivity". Are you referring to steering linearity which adjust how much you have to turn the wheel to be at max rotation? I definitely need to cut some time on Monaco
  9. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    im using t300 and fanatec v3., this games user interface sucks, its so frigging complicated compared to sims, like ams and assetto,

    when you finally get a custom set up, theres not much to map.

    and really sucks on pc, when on screen it lists os and xbox control numbers.

    codemasters are a weird bunch.
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  10. Hi, I was just putting a few laps in at Singapore. I tried the Singapore TT 1.40.584 setup from the site suggested. The setup was a lot more grip than default so that helped with the back-end confidence. Manged to get a best of 1.45.0 in a Mercedes but still struggled with consistency so probably need to put a lot more time in just lapping and getting totally comfortable with the wheel. I'm on PC btw. I didn't try the FFB settings but have tried a lot of different settings along the way so far - none seem to give me the feeling of knowing where the limit is, the soonest you'll find where the limit is, is when you've already past it and are facing the wrong way. That's the only experience I've had so far with this game. So I just feel as if I have to drive so far within the limits that I'll never be as fast as I can be because pushing usually means making lots of mistakes.
  11. I mean 1:45 is still a pretty good time at singapore! I don't understand how people get 1:40s and if you have it display their telemetry line, it jumps all over the place and seems like it glitched out. But yes, Singapore is incredibly hard to be consistent... With as many turns as there are, its not easy to repeat quick times. Regarding losing the car after its too late, what is your on throttle differential set at? You may have it too high. It will give you better grip on exit, but when you lose it, you will really loose it.
  12. Yea it does suck that it shows the Xbox pad symbols but the main thing is just to remeber that that X on the wheel (button6) = A and the square on the wheel (button4) =X. Not that you probably don't know this already but it's handy to have a print out of this image T300RS pc generic mapping.PNG next to your PC for other games especially. Saves having to trawl through the minute but thick booklet.
  13. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    Thanks for that, i run a ts300 GTE ( ferrari sticker in middle) so slightly extra buttons.
    dont suppose you have a button map image for that wheel? :)
  14. There u go.

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  15. Is that the right wheel?