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PC Help with speed sensitivity settings Triple screen!

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Mahki80, May 8, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    Ive been playing project cars a bit for now and i have a problem with the sense of speed. most cars lack sense of speed.... i am doing 250km/h and feel like 80. Only cars with even some sense of speed is old merc and bmw... Can someone help me with the speed sensitivity settings? what do those mean? I cant figure them out. what should i use for triple screen setup with cockpit view?

    I know its about fov and stuff. I have the cockpit view as fars as possible with the seat up close. trying to get the cockpit to fit my triple screen correctly.
  2. FOV will be the biggest influence on sense of speed. You will have to make a compromise on realistic FOV verses sense of speed.

    FWIW, when I'm in my real life race car, everything on the track seems much slower than it looks from the spectator side.
  3. Without the ability to adjust for your monitor angles and distance (like AC and IR), it will be difficult to get the right cockpit view with just the generic FOV setting. I have triples and I run PCars at 120 FOV, it works better for some cars than others. PCars really missed the mark when it comes to the triple screen support.
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  4. yeah i noticed that some cars are better... its ok now... other thing: i want the gforce camera off... i dont want the camera to go up and down when there is hills etc... ive turned it down to 0 but it still does it. any idea?
  5. I bound all the keys for camera adjustment and basically have the seat at max height and max to front with the FOV zoomed in alot so I only see abit of the dashboard.

    Also, kinda offtopic, but I run GTX 780 SLI and I can't seem to find the settings I need to adjust to get 60 FPS. My FPS is mostly in the 35-40's on 6000x1080 any tips?
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  6. I think that is under world movement...move it all the way too 100. Don't know why it's set up that way
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