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Help with settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Fernando Navarro, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Hola a todos Acabo de comprar el corsa Asseto y necesita ayuda con la configuración, primero decir que soy discapacitado Soy tetrapléjico, mi problema es que con el fin de conducir los coches en el juego que uso el teclado y joscktick a la vez que se acelera y el freno con dos llaves y rotación izquierda y derecha con joscktick y hora no listos, tengo otros juegos como la carrera 07 gsc y rFactor y usted no tendrá ningún problema fácilmente configurable, para cualquier problema que podría tratar de configurar como que necesito y ver si se puede, porque no sé cuánto.

    PD. Mi Inglés es el traductor de google.


    hi all just bought the corsa Asseto and need help with configuration, first say that I am disabled I am quadriplegic, my problem is that in order to drive the cars in the game I use the keyboard and joscktick at a time that is accelerated and brake with two keys and left and right rotation with joscktick time and not get set, I have other games like race 07 gsc and rfactor and I have no problem these are set very easy matter to any of you could try configured as I need and see if you can because I do not know how much.

    PD. My English is google translator.

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  2. English, por favor, Fernando.
  3. Have you tried the wheel configuration wizard to map the analog imputs of your joystick?


    I'm sure you know a gamepad, or better a wheel is the right input device for a racing game.
  4. There are programs you can download for free which enable you to map the movement of a control column either on a controller or a joystick to control the mouse. Sorry can't think of any off the top of my head but could work if mapping your joystick as a wheel does not work and I think you can use your mouse to control steering in assetto corsa.
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  5. I have a Logitech DFGT. During the drive does not work I look left and right ... help

  6. Frank

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    He is quadriplegic, so their might be some issues with a wheel atleast, a game pad however might be better, but then again it really depends on what parts your disease is affecting you and maybe the keyboard and joystick is the only way he can play properly.

    Anyway, I hope someone knows the answer for you, you should also bring it to the official forums.