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Help with rFactor Central

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by yakisoba, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Sorry for the message here, but I'm having issues getting registered at RF Central. It claims my username is already in use, but when I pick a completely arbitrary one... It's also in use! So I can't register to download racetracks. Can anyone shed some light on that, or send the mods at that site a message for me? Thanks.
  2. Message sent. You're not the first to have these problems lately, so let's hope they fix it soon :)
  3. Really sorry to bump this thread up again but I need some help with registering for rfactor central too.

    I have the same problem in that whatever username I pick is taken and the contact link does not work.

    If someone could help me out by contacting the guys over at rfactor central that would be great

    Many thanks.
  4. Well they have been bought by SimRaceway so rfCentral has been buggy for a week or so,what track are you looking for?Maybe someone here can get it for you.
  5. Thanks dude, yeah I've been reading and apparently loads of people have had the same problem trying to register.

    I was after the FSone 2008 mod so if anyone knows another site I can dowload it off that would be great. :)
  6. Thank you very much, really appreciate the help dude!

    I have been wanting this mod for some time now so it's great to finally try it out!
  7. More like buggy for the past few months.

    This poor transition to simraceway isn't helping much either. If your gonna run a countdown to the change make sure the entire site is ready to switch when the time comes. Not just a select few members having the ability to go to the new site.

    Factor that in with the questionable business model and I think this really shows how things are going to be over there.
  8. Got one more request if people know any alternative download links?

    I'm after Bruces Animated Helmet Cam Views 2.00

    rFactor central still won't let me register or use it so this is the only way I can find mods.

    Thanks for the help people
  9. Thankyou, very much appreciated!

    Look forward to trying it out
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.