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Help With Mod AI Crashing At Start Of Race.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Glance5, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. A couple of mod tracks I've downloaded have AI problems, so I used the AI app and created a new
    fast_lane.ai file. Although they now seem a bit better, half a dozen cars still seem intent on plowing into the wall 50ft from the start.
    There are settings on the AI app which I haven't got a clue about, would any of those settings prevent the current carnage? If not, what would?
    Many thanks.
  2. I have the same problem with some tracks. But I didn't know about this ai-fixing app you mention. Is that app on race department? Is it any good?
  3. It's one of the dev apps. It's great for creating an AI map around the track, just not sure if it can sort my problems.
    http://assettocorsamods.net/threads/how-can-i-make-ai-path.234/ that link will explain the basics.
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  4. LilSki


    There are many factors that come into play when recording an AI line. However the settings in that app do not apply to the recording process. They are for programing AI for a car.

    The main factor for recording lines is how the surfaces are setup and what areas are "valid track". Likely the surfaces are all screwed up especially if it is your typical rushed conversion. Without fixing the surfaces it will be next to impossible to make a proper AI line.

    The basic theory is you must restrict the "valid track" to between the white lines. If anything outside of that is "valid" the AI will try to use it regardless if there is a wall there or not. This is not something you can do unless you know how to make or edit tracks.
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  5. Thanks for the reply.
  6. So the AI-racing line dev app that Glance5 mentions won't help? Is that what you mean?
  7. LilSki


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  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    It may on some tracks, it may not on others. As the Screaming Chicken said, it depends on how the modder created the surfaces.
  9. I have the software to open all the track files but no idea which file contains the info I need to alter.
    As I say, It's only really at the start that this problem exists.
    I don't suppose you know of a tutorial dedicated to altering the driveable width of the track do you?
  10. AC uses object names to decide what's valid race surface and not, you need to rename any object which is not valid (eg. from 1Asphalt_T1_runoff to 1InvalidPaving_T1_runoff)
    Just keep in mind it uses pattern matches so the names can't overlap (eg. 'Asphalt' + 'InvalidAsphalt' is a problem cause they both contain Asphalt)
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  11. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    I do not, I've run into the problem but never attempted fixing it. I'm pretty sure the skills require are above my pay grade.
  12. LilSki


    I'll try to explain this visually.

    In this shot what I have selected is the road, wall, and pits. In this example all of these surfaces are set to IS_VALID_TRACK=1 in the suraces.ini. When you record an AI line in this situation AI will think it can use all of this area regardless of that wall between the road and pits.

    What needs to be done is the pits, and any other offshoots in the surfaces.ini should be set to IS_VALID_TRACK=0. This is only done while recording. Once recorded you can set the pits back to valid track and the AI will follow the rules that were set during the recording process.

    This is what you want to AI to see.

    The issue with most converted tracks are a situation like this


    There is a separation between the pits and road surface but the pesky wall is not at the edge of the road. It is slightly inside so no matter what you do in the surfaces.ini the AI will always think it can get to the edge of the track even though the wall is there.

    I hope that makes some sense.
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  13. Makes perfect sense.
    Thanks for taking the time to explain.