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Help with making terrain flat/drivable Race 07.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by John Bowman, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Help with blending using BTB Evo

    I have downloaded Janvier's texture Xpack and im trying to use them to create a terrain that is driveable. My problem is that when I try to drive it using GTR2 im sinking into it. I read about the axel sinking problem but it didn't really help me. Are the textures for rFactor or RBR only? Would I have to change the XML data for the texture to work correctly?

    Im trying to make terrain with ashphalt as the texture, does BTB add the bumpy ride to the terrain as it is classed as terrain and not road?

    Also, im still deciding wether or not to buy BTB, it seems a little empty by way of textures etc, does the full program have more textures? I believe you can download Xpacks from the BTB site but is that all?

    Last question (I do apologise I have spent days now looking through the forum and watching the tuts), Where is the blending option that is shown on the BTB terrain tut, is mine missing from trial version or has it changed in a new release?

    Thanks for your time all, hope you can help out.
  2. Apologies again, I re-read about the terrain problem and have changed the texture to roada.
  3. ebrich


    You have BTB EVO? there is no blending option, but you can do some blending by making your own textures. ie. image road with grass blended onto edges to texture. Fairly easy using track but not so easy with terrain. If it is EVO your trying will be interested how you get on as I'm been using it for a few months now.
  4. Yes it is EVO.

    Without blending as an option I can't see how to blend terrain to make more fluid terrain. Is it always going to be solid edge against a solid edge? Ouch.....

    I watched a tut from piddy using the wall tool to create a wall, change the surface to be flat and add a decal to the surface for skid marks or any other kind of detail. This could be the only way I can think of.

    Not sure I want to purchase now :(
  5. Ok, I have this so far.


    I have terrain from the track then pulled the sides to create the sand. I then created a wall with the two sides having there materials removed so as not to draw edges. I then added a center vert to raise the middle of the top of the wall. I added a grass texture from janvier pack (Raccords0 within Herbe) to the top of the "wall" and aligned it with the edges of the terrain to give a fake blend look.

    The ripple strip was made similarly using walls and changing the shape/height.

    Another question, what do I save the texture dds files as if I open and edit them in photoshop? (What I mean is, Alpha DXT 5 etc...)
  6. ebrich


    Yes or for more realism, open the sand and grass textures into Pshop - as two layers ontop of a transparent layer- some subtle rubbing out or blending so you have -trans to sand to grass to trans - save as dds (I think its the DXT 3 - complete transparency) and use that as wall texture. Here's one I did earlier for Gravel track to grass with a few weeds in the middle . When using the original texture images only use a third or so of it's width so that your final texture isn't squashed or stretched too much.

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  7. Nice one man, cheers for your input ;)
  8. Tried making a dds of a blend but can't for the life of me get it to show in BTB :(

    Tried the Xpacker, Tried creating my own zip etc, shows in Xpack and seems to load but cannot select it within material window :|
  9. ebrich


    Will try and keep it as precise as poss. but it is easy to come up against these problems because there are so many 'boxes to click' and in the right way. I found with BTB its a bit like relearning, what you've taken for granted with file moving.Check and re check. Save and backup all the time.
    You have a dds image file in BTB EVO. eg BTB\Objects Files\Images\DDS images. (This is where I keep all my images, anyway)
    Open BTB Xpacker - Fill front page -save - Go to 'Materials' tab - Add from textures - Browse to dds image - Open.
    Your dds appears in Xpacker - Go to 'Textures' select image and make sure Xpacker agrees with your image size.No red print. - Back to 'Materials' if all is well - select image - If you have transparency choose 'Transparency' 'Alpha' or 'Chroma' (depends which one works for you. I dont know enough about transparencies. Chroma works for me.) - 'rFactor Material Name' (Depends if image is going on wall, twal, road etc (even though your not running rFactor this is needed for the xml file) - 'Render Normals up' - 'BTB Visability' tick all as you could use it with all 3 - 'Save' - 'File' - 'Zip to BTB'
    To check so far so good. Go into BTB EVO files - 'XPacks' - 'Your XPack' - should have 'Materials\jpg & xml' 'Textures\.dds' & 2 description files.
    Open BTB EVO - open track - file -Expansion packs - select (double click) your xpack - 'Materials' tab - click on icon image of 'Primary Material' to open your xpack material (hopefully).
    Sounds like you have got all the way so far but found that your xpack material is not at home.
    Did you put an icon image in for your texture/material. Does it show in EVO.
    Did you click on the little square with the + sign and select .
    If all this has been done go back to the beginning and redo your XPack under a different name as you can only overwrite files upto
    the xpacker. Overwriting into BTB the track builder does not work if its into the same name file. (there is a good thread about all that With Mr R Soul having yet again the answer.
    If its none of the above I will be glad to here about it so I can put into my btb little black book.
  10. I'll check it all again, can't help but think its the type of dds im saving it as, DXT 3 isn't working. I'll check my dds settings again.
  11. Actually it works, but not for a wall texture, my bad. How would I add it so that I can texture a wall with it?
  12. ebrich


    Can you down load it again please. link didn't work. Meanwhile I'll jot down texture for wall. Might take a few minutes. One eye on thread the other watching Italy making fools of the French rugby team!
  13. hehe, it does work, you have to copy and paste the whole line as the hyper link doesn't like spaces on the forums.
  14. Forgive me, it is working. Probably because I didn't add the Xpack into my project folder. It works fine on new track.
  15. ebrich


    Good. Still cant get at your linked file, though!
  16. ebrich


    Sorry wasn't concentrating. Who needs a special blending tool anyway. Have you read this thread by Martinezhttp://www.racedepartment.com/bobs-track-builder/45595-emel-method-road-roadside-terrain-concepts.html
  17. Yes, I read that a day or so ago. I'm almost happy with the method texture I have devised for myself. Just not so sure about the size of texture as the wall top im using is rather small the pixels on the grass from grass to the blend texture are different as if more squashed together than normal grass.