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HELP With Logitech Driving Force GT

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joel Vischer, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    Im planning to buy this wheel in the near future though i have to know how long the clamps can shift out, If the clamps are longer than 2 bones of your index finger than it is all good!
    Please help me out if you have this wheel!!
  2. "...2 bones of your index finger..." That's one way to mesure it :D

    Well, I have it attached to a desk that is 15mm thick if I extend the gap to the max I get 15mm more =30mm
    You can also remove the two plastic "blocks" on the mounting clamps giving you an extra 15-20mm...so you should be good. :)
  3. Thank you so much for Replying! Could you give me a bit of feedback to buy the wheel? I would love to hear some of your experiences with the wheel, like the Force feedback, the comfortability, the pedals ( I heard these weren't too good ), That Kinda stuff!


  4. The FFB is quite strong if you have it turned up high (80-100%), which I had for a long time. Now it's set on 10-20% and that gives a lot better feel for what's going on, in this case less IS more so to say. It also makes a bit of noise when for example you drive on to the curbs, then the FFB rattles a bit, not a problem for me, but it can be disturbing if someone is trying to sleep in the next room ;)

    The wheel itself is quite good I think, could maybe have been a tiny bit thicker but that's not a issue really, I probably have to big hands :D
    The more frequently used buttons are easy to reach and so are the paddles, but here is a minus, the paddles are not top class, they are easy to reach and so but to me they feel a bit to unresponsive and small. This is one of the reasons I still drive with autogears, but I know other people with this wheel and they don't feel the same so maybe it's just me. :)

    I am quite pleased with the pedals, think they have a decent resistance in them and as long as you have found a good setting for saturation and the other variables it works well. The base for the pedals have rubber feet that, at least on my floor, sits very well, they have never ever moved when driving. :) There is also a "spiky" thing to use if you have a carpet on your floor.

    Have had this wheel for almost a year now and it works just as well now as when I first got it, and I have used it alot.... ;)
    Nothing is loose or have fallen off, and the wheels axis is still tight and steady.

    I do think that a G27 is a little better, especially the paddles, but as it's (here in Sweden anyway) almost twice as expensive I don't belive it is THAT much better...so I think a DFGT is good value for your money.
  5. OR.....maybe NOT
  6. @steven That wheel doesnt work on the ps3 with f1 2010
  7. @steven Never mind mate just saw this on the Codemasters Forum 4. Increased wheel support – Increased wheel support and force feedback tweaks (where applicable) for the following wheels; Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback (officially supported), Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience (officially supported), Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch (not officially supported but will work), Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S & GT3 RS2 (both officially supported).
  8. I wholehearted agree with Jan-Olov Johansson and would echo his very warts-n-all appraisal of this wheel.

    I have to say that I love this wheel. I'm not saying its the best out there by any stretch of the imagination, and it is a tad noisy when being thrashed (but then again, so am I when I'm driving Hehe! ;-) ). Nevertheless, I do believe its the best bang-for-your-buck sub £100 wheel out there.

    I bought this and the rest of my forum mates saw my driving noticeably improve. Needless to say, a good number of them have already splashed out on it. I would agree that it is vital the you get the set-up right with regard to Saturation and Linearity , however you may find this thread useful.


    I would also agree that having the Force-feedback dialled down to 10-20% makes for a much better and more tactile and responsive driving experience, as having it up full is like trying to wrestle a dinner-plate out of the mouth of a Hippo who has just had a chilli enema!

    I agree that the gear-shift buttons are not the best. But if you want a good appraisal of the alternatives then I have found that Amazon does highlight the failings of other wheels in this class quite well (ie not being terribly robust).

    It is tricky picking a wheel I know, and the DFGT can't compare to a G27 etc. But I wanted to stick my toe-in-the-water when I started driving games (Less that a year ago) and I felt that this would be the best compromise between quality and price, I haven't been disappointed.

    Hope that's of some help fella.

    Spiggsie :)

    PS, They seem to be a rare as hen's teeth too and I had to seach high & low to find one, worth it once it did though!
  9. @spiggs Thank you very much for your feedback Allthough i've been hopping between 2 wheels, The F430 FFB From thrustmaster and the DFGT so yeah :D