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Help with inconsistency in Career

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Scott Woodwiss, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I'm currently in my first season with Lotus on Expert and I've just got to Spa. Although, I feel that my season has been somewhat zig-zagging from one extreme to the other. I just haven't been able to post consistenly decent results. Here's my results from Bahrain to now:

    Bahrain - 10th
    Australia - 9th
    Malaysia - 16th
    China - 2nd (wet)
    Spain - 24th
    Monaco - 20th
    Turkey - 5th
    Canada - 1st
    Valencia - 6th (wet)
    Britain - 12th
    Germany - 3rd
    Hungary - 23rd

    How can I start achieving more consistent results as the season draws to a close? I feel I'm a good enough driver, hence the handful of decent points finishes and 3 podiums. Maybe car setup has something to do with it. What do you guys think? Any help here?
  2. It's just the ai. They vary wildly from each circuit to the next. Some circuits they are fine and then others like Canada and Bahrain they struggle massively in a few certain corners which makes the player super fast compared to them. Nothing you can do will change this unfortunately, just wait until season 2 where you will have a Renault and can win basically every race =/
  3. there's only one solution: convince codemasters to make their ai run consistently in different tracks when they release a game.

    it's not a coincidence that you were 1st in montreal and last in spain. ai is known to drive stupidly slow in the first and superduper fast in the latter.

    edit: yeah, just as tigger said.
  4. Well I've only had contract offers from Lotus and HRT at the moment. Will those kind of offers come at the end of the season? I am on a 7 year career by the way.
  5. The only way to get a decent drive for year 2 is to select your rival from a team you want to go to. Beat him and you get his seat
  6. That's interesting - because I'm currently 7th in points and the 3 rivals I had to choose from were Rosberg, Button and Vettel!
  7. I'm starting my first career with HRT Racing. After 4 races I am 5th in Points and 6th in the Constructor championship with one podium finish. Right now I'm racing at Spain and I hate that circuit. You other posters are right the AI just varies from circuit to circuit. Thats what i've noticed when I did grand prix mode at Canada with Lewis Hamilton and I qualified 1st. Codemaster's needs to balance out the AI throughout all the circuits.