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Help with FFB T500RS

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by cthiggin, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Hello folks,
    Well, after reading many many threads, I'm still at a loss on "what to do next".
    After the latest AC update - my FFB was like having power steering..............so, the consensus was to:
    1. TCP - 65, 100, 100, 0, 0 - and if necessary, take "damper to a max of 25%"
    2. In Game - (of course, calibrate wheel) - Gain 100, 3%, 3%, road and kerb at 85% -
    AND, IF I needed more strength in the "wheel", INCREASE "Generic Tab" UP.

    Well, my generic tab is at 140 - but the wheel just doesn't feel like it did before the AC update:

    Where or what do I need to do?
    Please help this ol' 68 year old kid out....

    Thank you,


    PS - The T500 works great in pCars........so I do know the wheel is functioning properly.
  2. I upped my TCP overall to 70 since the latest firmware, 80 60 20 for effects in game, 75 or 80 in-game gain, 0 damper and 5% minimum torque in game.
    Feels great to me, hope something in what I said helps!
  3. Is13coco,
    Thanks so much for the reply...........
    In looking at your settings - I will only need to raise TCP from 65 to 70......

    Confirm you have (IN-GAME) : 75/or/80 as GAIN, - 80 Road Effects - 60 Kerb Effects - 20 Slip

    Where do you see/set "Damper" at - ????? (Prior to last two updates, we had damper in Generic Tab - so I don't know nor have I seen "damper" since...

    Where do you see/set 5% "Minimum Torques" at - ?????

    Just want to make "sure" I'm interpreting your figures correctly.

    Again, thanks so much and I'll be watching.

  4. Uploading pictures doesn't work on my browser too well, so here goes.

    T500rs Control panel

    Overall strength: 70
    Constant: 100
    Periodic: 100
    Spring: 0
    Damper: 0
    Auto center: (by game) 0

    AC Wheel/custom Advanced settings

    Gain: 75%
    Filter 0%
    Minimum Force: 5% (should be under the filter setting)
    Kerb Effects: 100%
    Road Effects: 80%
    Slip Effects: 20%

    Gamma: 1.00
    Filter: 0.00
    Speed Sensitivity: 0.00

    Brake Gamma (not important for this situation) 1.00

    Also correct, damper is now not a setting in the garage (thankfully, as I always manually set it to 0% before every race) and of course 100% FFB in the garage.

    I hope to hear good news in the near future!
  5. Is13coco,
    Thanks so much for your clarification.
    Will try these this evening and report back.

  6. Is13coco,
    Used your settings and seem somewhat better - I still had to move FFB to 125 in Generic FFB in order to get a "good feel" of the wheel.....not too abrasive or too mild..........but like it was before AC updates.
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  7. Enagee,
    Thank you. I will d/l and read over the thread until I understand it.........then give it a try.
    Will report back.
    Thanks again,