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help with ffb on g27

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by shimon.ifraimov, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. anyone here with g27 , what settings should i put ingame and on profile ?
    i have no idea what the rear end is doing , when oversteer its like huge delay on feedback , also there is some input lag .
  2. Those are settings, but that's not perfect for everybody. I was using these at 14 and 15 also.
    Inside game at advanced settings i don't change anything except 5% break deadzone. At ffb settings i use 70/30/80 but again you must test and find your liking. I hope i helped a little. ;)
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  3. wow , i never used those spring\damper\centering spring stuff , all other games its recommended to be off.
    so do you feel the rear end kicking out on the wheel ?
    also 460 degrees thats alot for f1 no? i have now at 372 from a post i found of f1 2015 and its 1:1 in game steering and my steering.

    i will try this , thanks.
  4. I use 460 from 2013 and i like it better, but as i told you thats all personal adjustments.
    For all other sims i dont use the canned effects but for some reason at f1 they working good for my taste.
    Im sure the next days you will have many settings to try. ;)
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  5. I went at this in an entirely different matter. I spent hours and I just could not get anything I liked. I ended up doing 100-0-0-0 in the profiler with the centering spring unchecked. But I set the steering wheel sensitivity in the profiler to 20%. By default it is 50%. I didn't know this could even be done until I found another reference to doing it. In the main profiler screen, right click "Steering Wheel" and select "Axis Properties." In the subsequent menu you can change the sensitivity, deadzone and range. I found that turning the sensitivity back to 20% here and using 69/69/80 in the forcefeedback setting in-game made it work for me. I hope other people list what they've done here, because I still think it could be better.
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  6. ya i really think that settings changes are not going to help here, unless they improve the tire model .
  7. Naamloos.jpg

    In game: steering deadzone 1,steering linearity 30,brake deadzone 7,brake linearity 10.
    The FFB settings are the same as Vangelis. I hope this will workout for you.
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