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Help with driving with gamepad

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by tomlimcj, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Im using a Logitech Rumblepad F510 and using no assists. Im struggling with braking and turning at the same time. I usually have to brake and downshift before i start to turn or I will lockup my wheels.
    I tend to brake full and downshift at the same time before i start to turn into the corner.
    I see on many youtube gameplays, that is not the best way to corner.
    I have set my Right Stick as throttle and brake, is there a problem with this?
    Its quite hard to ease off the brakes because I will carry too much speed into the corner and I will go wide.
    Any help please? I really want to drive "properly" with a gamepad on this game...and I cant find a tutorial on youtube....
  2. In an F1 car you can't brake and turn at the same time.

    Think of it like this, your tyres only give you a certain amount of grip. Under hard braking you are using 100% tyres grip to brake and slow the car. If you then try and turn as well the tyre has no more grip to give so you lock up as your asking it to do more than it can manage.

    Lets you push the brake pedal halfway, so roughly half of normal, then you could say you are only using 50% grip from the tyre, then the car will turn partly until it's used up the rest of the grip of the tyre, and then you will probably find you will just understeer off.

    However if you get all your braking done before a corner, and then are fully released off the brakes as you turn, you have got 100% of the grip of the tyres to work with to corner, and therefore are much more likely to be able to take the corner.

    I'm sure that's not a fully accurate explanation but hopefully that helps you understand a bit more why you cant just brake and turn at the same time
  3. I have the same problem and it's worse with the 2014 game because 1st gear is pitched way too short. I'm surprised that you have the right stick for throttle and brake. I assume that's the 2nd preset? Seems to me there will always be a brake/steering conflict when it involves first finger and thumb of the same hand. However, yes it is possible to brake into the apex of a turn, even with the gamepad, as I have discovered by really practising the thumb and finger movements. I have started using musical rhythms for each turn. For example the hairpin at Hockenheim I change down to a mental count of "one two three, one two three" (I'm a musician so that helps) and turn while still braking. Sometimes I get it right, but not always, so am still practising. I use the standard preset layout.

    I think part of the problem is having to grip the controller. Maybe some sort of mount that be rested on the lap would help.

    But it is frustrating. I wonder whether a joystick would be better, but you run the risk of too much deadzone I think.
  4. thanks for your replies! I understand the braking percentage affects the amount of turn you can get into the car. but with the gamepad I have, the right stick is the only way I can control the amount of braking input. But nerves set in and usually I spam the RS all the way down. If it means controlling the brakes so I ease off braking (but still braking) when turning into the corner, then I will need to practise. but the RS is really sensitive and hard to control inputs at say 20%, 50%...
    Out of curiosity, what buttons do you guys assign for the throttle and brakes? I think the standard preset is RT and LT if I remember correctly? That's the thing..Im not sure if you can control throttle/braking at 50% with the RT/LT. I always thought if you depress RT/LT, it gives you 100% of the input and you can only release and tap tap tap to apply little inputs of throttle/brake to control. (much like using a keyboard I suppose?)
    Or am I missing some settings here?
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  5. I haven't looked yet but if you are using a joystick on the PC if you edit the database you may be able to change the steering sensitivity or how much you can brake before you lock up. May be worth a look. Or you could download that 10% additional grip mod? Hope it helps
  6. qbm


    My advice as a scuff xbox 360 pad user and all assists off. I would would say to keep trying to find the right line into the corner that let you carry the best speed for you as we all differ! Use this method: In lean fuel mix and just using the throttle!!! Avoid using your breaks at all so slowly to start and build up your pace while learning how much speed you can carry through a corner. do this over a few laps. Then once you have that down! find your breaking point that brings you to your ideal speed and correct line that you found before using the above step. Don't forget slow in = fast out. This is always the best way to get quick laps. Also try pumping the breaks rather than just jamming them on and it will help you slow down quicker and will also give you abit more control if you do find you have over shoot your breaking point and need to turn in. Meaning the chances of locking up decrease by quite a fair bit. You will find after a while you get into a grove say after a 5-10 laps and don't even think about anything as if your on rails ever putting in faster laps. Hope this helps and sorry if any of it comes across rude. I don't know how else to explain it without breaking it down into the most basic way of doing it. anyways good luck and let me know how you get on with it :)
  7. Have you all seen MattyG's vids on youtube? he brakes like just before the 50m board and can turn and brake at the same time. how the heck does he do it on a pad??