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Help with downshifting from high speed with H-shifter

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Coleman, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Just got a G27 so now I have no choice but to use H-shifter and I need some help:

    What's the best way to downshift from a high speed?

    Suppose I'm flying down Monza at 170mph coming up to the first chicane. Should I go through each gear or while I'm braking or should I go into neutral, brake, then shift into the gear I want?

    Either way I'm losing lots of time and killing my gear box :veryhappy:

    Can you guys give me some techniques?
  2. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Braking without downshifting will lose you many brake power in any WTCC car...
    Reduce the brake pressure when reaching the apex of the turn.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    In addition to what Kev said: the car will slow down on the engine itself as well (engine braking), so its advised to hammer through the gearbox and try to keep the revs up a litte, at least stable. Don't over do it in the lower gears as it will probably lock up your rear wheels with the RWD car and causes you to spin :)
  4. Thanks guys. Looks like I have to completely re-learn how to drive :drool: but it's worth it. The G27 is amazing! I sold two G25's to pay for it and I couldn't be happier......

    Except for the fact that I can't drive anymore :D
  5. How's it better than the G25 then Mike? I've got a G25 myself and think it's sweet, better than any other wheel I've used by a mile, not tried the G27 yet...
  6. The FFB for one. Soooo much better and smoother - without all the noise the G25 makes.

    The pedals are now adjustable and the brake pedal is slightly higher than the gas pedal for easier heal-to-toe. Six buttons on the wheel instead of two is a big improvement.

    But the new shifter is really why I got it. Doesn't feel like a "toy" anymore. Feels sturdy and well constructed and feels really really nice. In fact, the entire unit feels better constructed.

    The G25 is a great wheel and now they are really inexpensive so they are a great deal as well. But the G27 is amazing. You just have to feel it. They had one on display at an electronics store and as soon as I drove it, I had to get one.
  7. i agree the ffb is fantastic much better as of the g25
  8. cant wait to go a and pickup my new G27 tomorrow :michaelbanana:
  9. lol guys let's not go too much OT. RD has a Logitech forum :drool:

    I'm really having issues downshifting quickly. That's what I get for using the sequential for years :7:

    I'm going to have to learn to heel/toe blip. I think I need to start with the slowest RWD car and just keep practicing.

    I feel like a newbie all over again.
  10. "no choice"?... Self-imposed?
    *edit* I get it now... there is no sequential gearing on the side shifter with the G27 (it was a source of unreliability & construction problems in the G25 --> cutting costs).
    Anyway, nowadays, most racing machines have sequential gearboxes and even (programmable) “paddle shifters” are getting common in many road going cars :)
  11. Which makes Logitech's decision to drop the sequential shifter even more odd.

    But no matter how slow I am or how long it takes me to learn the H-shifter, I will never use paddle shifters on a tin top! :drool: