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Help with converting my stockcar and track models.

Discussion in 'Racer' started by screenracer, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Help with converting my racecars and track models.

    Hello everyone, I haven working to convert some of my assets into workable cars and tracks for racer. It seems a lot of the documentation has been lost with RSC going down.

    So far with trying to convert a COT nascar I got stuck when looking how to convert the ase model into a dof model. I use 3ds max 9.

    Is anyone interested in helping me convert these models into racer friendly format? I plan to make to car setups, Road course setup and oval setup.

    Here you can see some of the models I would like to convert: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_search.aspx?id_author=129479

    Example of some of my animation work:

    Examples of some of my 3D models:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I should hope someone would help you, it looks like brilliant content.

    We haven't had any new developers join in the Racer scene for a long while, so you're very welcome!
  3. I don't know enough about Max (or at least haven't touched it for a long time), so can't help with exporting. Is the exporter bundled with Racer any good for you?

    You could go through Blender, but it might be another problem actually getting the Max models in there, and you might not want to go through another program.

    The models look nice though, good luck.
  4. oh my god, racer miss nascar track and cars. btw, i use 3ds for little things, almost all i can export without any big problems. just 3ds format, and working with zmodeler, we can get any result..
  5. When I converted my car I used the GMT plugin to export a GMT from 3DS. Then I imported the GMT in 3DSIMed where I exported as .mts(F1 2002 format). Using Zmodeler I imported the .mts and exported as .dof

    Probably not the quickest way to do it:D, but it worked
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    @ Knut, haha jeez, you're not kidding. But you're right, it worked.

    Awesome content there, really love the look of those tracks.
  7. Thanks Knut, never mind it!! i am impressed!
  8. Thank you for the great comments!

    I have sent PM's to AMGfan & Knut Omdal Tveito. I sent a version of the stockcar model to test if you wish. I exported several formats that should be able to import into your 3D tools.

    Any help would be appreciated!!! :)

    Some genral spec of the stockcar I know is that it generates about 2200 pounds of downforce at 200mph, 800hp, 4 speed trans, 3500 pounds. You can find more info on downforce here: http://www.circletrack.com/techarticles/ctrp_0707_stock_car_aero_downforce/index.html
  9. There was a thread on RSC with an export plugin for Max. It exported dof files with only a few clicks, so there was no need to use other programs. I only tried it with cars, but it should work with tracks too. There were versions of the tool for different Max and Windows versions. Does anyone have them?
  10. That would make it a lot easier:D I guess it might be hard to track down the plugin with the current RSC situation...

    I pm'd you screenracer. I did a quick conversion for you. I didn't do any of the physics though, just used the specs from my Carro. Would you like to do the physics yourself? I would be happy to help out with setting up the car.ini file if you're interested
  11. A screenshot after a I added a shader. I'm terrible with the shaders though so it could be a lot better screenracer
  12. Some1 made the Max9 Max>Dof exporter.

    Well worth getting if you can find it. I'll try find it and host it and put the link up, unless Some1 spots this thread/post?!

    Erm, would be cool to have a version for Max10 too ;) :D hint hint cough cough

  13. Knut: Looking good, all it needs are some sharp edges around the hood etc:smile:

    When I was exporting for rFactor from Max 8 I did things totally around the other way, export the meshes in DirectX .x format then import that into 3dSimEd - for some reason the Max rFactor exporter used to run really slow for me, walk away and get a coffee then come back to find the first mesh only half way :smile:
  14. Awesome

    I am at work, I will check it out when I get home tonight.

    Thank you very much for helping me out Knut. As for tools, I use Max 9. So if there was a DOF exporter for max 9 that would be awesome! Since I have a lot more assets that I could add to Racer. I can mess around with the physics, but I have never done any physics work before. Once I get a oval track into the game, I can better set the physics based on past experience on that track.

    Also, from looking at the image, I assume that Racer has issues with supporting smoothing groups? It looks like I have to break it up for each smoothing group.

    Thanks again!!! :cool:
  15. Knut can you send the car for me? i do shader for non-cg users!
  16. I forwarded you his PM with the link, thanks!!! :)
  17. AMG, is the BPM Booster non-cg? Great looking car man!

    Just finished working now. Will take a shot at the physics when I get home. Never tried a stockcar before:D
  18. Yes, is me :D thanks! i will post final version today!
  19. I found a Stockcar mod for rFactor , looking for inspiration. However I was a little baffled to find inertia values similar to my 665kg car:/ Additionally the torque was almost a linear function of rpm:/
  20. Awesome! I feels a bit off, but that is to be expected :)

    What model software did you use to convert the car? I noticed that it has smoothing group problems. If you uses max, you can send it back to me and so you don't have to rescale or re-setup the model for any fixes I make. Also, I tried to add an alpha to the tga image, but it didn't make the glass transparent?


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