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Help with BTB - I would even pay for!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Honso, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Hi fellas....

    Well im goin nuts, i would love to make a track in BTB. Its a historic 14km Hillclimb Track in nothern Italy, aka Mendel-Bolzano.

    Well i was able to remake the track, but i need help with the terrain and the inclination of the track.

    Here is a Screen of the the actual Status, and a screen of google earth, there you can see how it should be at the end...

    as you can read from the title, i would even pay for that track =)


    thanks for your time
  2. Have moved this to the BTB forum, should get more answers here :)
  3. How did you get your height data?
    Did you run it through a program like BTBLofty or 3D Route Builder?
  4. thx Lee...

    lee knight, yeah the heights were a great problem from GE... mostly missing or not really true...
    Ehrlec, the higher res you were talking about, where can i get thet from?
    The Track is really beautiful, i love to cruise on it, almost every weekend in summer cause im living next door to it...

  5. i was trying at their website https://platform-us.terrainondemand.com/Store/MapShop.aspx?GeoLocation=EMEA&StartupPlanName=Basic
    but may i've something wrong with the kml export, cause when im trying to upload the kml file i get that error
    "Failed to upload or process file "Route333333.kml". Failed to calculate custom geometry area size..."

    Well i guess ill redo the path on my own... i'll mount a cam on my car and ill redo the route and then trying to rebuild it as good as i can. If you. ehrlec still want to upload me some "default_starter_track_for_dummies_like_me" it would be awesome! thanks a lot

    btw: here a link of the kml file without altitude parameters
  6. first of all, happy new year guys! hope ur doin fine!
    yeah 610$ are kinda 2much... first ill try to remake it on my own, wont be really accurate but i can change those things later right?
    about the terrain and the sorrounding, how should i proceed? ehrlec do u still have that "project template" i could use?
  7. I was looking into measuring one's altitude, and came across this gadget:
    This is for measuring the altitude of a rocket or other flying object, but you could use it for your road. The actual altitude isn't important, just the difference between any two points. You can use a good map to work out the horizontal distance between the points, and you can use the gadget to measure the angle between them. Then it's just a matter of trigonometry. tan_theta = opp/adj

    You'll have to take your own height into account, because you'd be measuring the angle from the ground + your eye level, but in theory it would work.