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help with bathurst orsm 1.5 rfactor grass on track!!!

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by allrndcricketer, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. need help to fix the issues. coming into the cutting across the top at mcphilliamy and the dipper there is grass across the track which basically hovers there and impedes your vision until you drive into it and the track then reappears. please any suggestions would be fantastic as how to fix it.
    Cameron :)
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose


    i don,t have any issues with the track, maybe you have a corrupted download so i suggest you try redownloading it and install it again.
  3. nope, not seen that one?
  4. that is caused but the auto detail, sounds like you running alot, you can fix this but turning it to zero in the grahics settings.
  5. i was thinking about doing that ill try it :)

    ok, so if this is the case, because when i first downloaded the track and installed it (this was back in January this year) i never had any problems with the track until recently. the last mod i installed on rfactor was patrick34's f1 2015 beta mod and that has a shader pack in. could that be the issue?
    if you dont think so then how do i fix this auto detail?

    Cheers and thanks all
  6. by the way here are some pics i took last night of it on the fresh install of rfactor. in order of appearance (the cutting and just after, sulman and mcphilamy parks across the top, just after skyline, and the dipper.) there is also some of this grass at the side of the straight near turn 2

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  7. When we (ORSM) were working on the mod and this track was getting updated this happened to me for a while. A fresh install fixed it then but that included a fresh track install as well.
    I see you've tried the fresh rFactor install. But what else did you install on it?
    When you get issues like this the best thing is to only install the track and try a ISI car without installing anything else, even plug-ins like TV view ans so on. If the track still looks like this you'll need a new install of the track.

    I used to keep all the installers and/or rar files of the installs. Then I can install a completely clean fresh version at any time. PC content dose and will get corrupt after prolonged use no matter what it is. Installed programs will do the same after a while and require a fresh install from time to time.