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Help! Wheel Recommendation

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by gilles13, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Hi my fellow Sim Racing Enthousiasts!

    I've Got a Logitech DFGT With Thrustmaster T3PA (Not The Pro) With the TR.J12 USB Adapter.

    But Since i've bought a new system recently i wanted to upgrade my "Rig" a little with a new fresh wheel, Not necessarily the pedals because i bought them like 2 months ago and it would be a waste of money the sell/throw them away.

    I've got a Budget of 400 Dollars/Euro/Pounds/Rupee (Or whatever currency you have)

    I've looked at The Madcatz Force Pro (Or whatever) Racing Wheel. It the rim itself looks sweet but i've heard that they're not worth the money.

    (owh yeah i would love to mod the wheel to so a modable wheel would be nice)

    Leave your recommendations vv
  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    T300 and for the rest another wheel for that base or Pro pedals (don`t know how much better are they compared to non-pro, if it is worth it but non-pro are not so good).
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  3. For a PC or a console?
  4. PC
  5. Then stay away from gear-drive like the Logitech or Madcatz. Thrustmaster is probably your only real choice in the price range.
  6. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Thrustmaster tx or t300. You have pedals already so the wheel base is all you need. Been using my TX since late December 2015. Previously owned driving force pro, then the gt pro version, G27 and now TX. Its a really really good wheel especially for the money. Keep your originally as back up though. Still got my G27 in the closet and my g27 sli pro wheel plate on the wall :cool:
  7. Can i buy a base on it's own?
  8. ouvert

    Premium Member

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  9. I just done some math and i noticed that buying a T300 GTE kit With the stock pedals is actually cheaper then buying the Servo base with the GTE rim lol