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Help: Traction off

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by LTheHatter, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Hi folks,

    I wanna learn to drive without any Assists on. Anything is fine... but traction off is killing me and I think I don't make any progress. I lose the car in every slow turn and I can't do anything about it... just driving super slow. Any tips for me? I'm really struggling :S

    Edit: I'm playing on PS4 with a Thrustmaster 150
  2. Be really gentle on the throttle, don't know what else to say. I play on the controller so traction off is impossible for me
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  3. For the record, I still am fairly bad at sim racing (I've only been at it for about a year now). So you are forewarned that everything that follows may be crap. At low speeds you have little downforce, so adjusting things that affect the aerodynamics will yield minimal results. However, weight still shifts at low speed and you would probably be served well by getting the car's weight over the back tire sooner. This is accomplished by stiffening the front or softening the back. Also, you'll get a lot of wheelspin in the lower gears and it's way too easy to overrev and spin out. Getting out of those lower gears sooner should help. But you're still going to have to learn to get the feel for how much you can press down on the pedal when accelerating. There's a temptation to mash it down, but that's almost always the wrong thing to do. Finally, I started F1 2016 driving with automatic instead of manual. I found I had a lot less control driving in auto. Manual gives me a little more control.
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  4. Just be reeaaaal careful on the throttle. Or matve your wheel setup is not right. I play with controller no assists. First I could only play with Medium traction. Just a lot of practice. Now Im playing on experrt/legend
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  5. Why have you rated my comment as angry dude? Cause I said it's impossible to drive with traction off with a controller. Well I don't know how you do it, maybe you have a better controller than me. I use Logitech F310..It has a nice deadzone and then it just snaps a lot of power to my engine all of a sudden, and yes, i spin out of the track. So, if I had a XBOX controller i probably could turn off traction, but with this, I cant...
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  6. I'd recommend a xbox controller, yes.
  7. Yeah I'm driving with manual. I figured out the low gears are my kryptonite. But I don't know if I can get more sensitive with the throttle there. I think I need much more practice to make it happen. I don't know how to setup my car. I'm just trying with the 5 default setups and take the best suiting for this track. Maybe I need to learn this too, but at the moment I could have the best setup ever and still spin out :D
  8. It is my opinion that when you are inexperienced, the setup changes don't mean much. I've worked and worked on setup changes and then gone back and run the default setup and beat my best setup times. For my part, I need to just drive more and get experience. In just the last week, I discovered one of my bad habits and working to stop that has done a lot for my performance. I found that I start creeping in toward the apex way before I get to the corner. I'm not turning in too soon; I'm drifting over in anticipation of making the turn in. So I think it's just a matter of practice...at least for me.
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  9. I will get it when I get a Job and have money to buy it...I've been using this Logitech controller for 4 years now. It's falling apart but still working
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  10. As someone said: just practice. And do not go back to traction aid again, or you will never learn. The better you get, the more you will *feel* when the back wheels lose grip (assuming force feedback). In the beginning you will not feel a thing, just lose grip and spin, but after a while you will trim in the weight of your foot on each gear and be able to adjust immediately when wheels start to spin.
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  11. I had to give my throttle a lot of linearity on the G29 - otherwise move the pedal 1cm and spin out. Now I feel I actually have some modulation through the range of the throttle and I probably have to be somewhere near 65% 'foot down' on the pedal to get what feels like it turning into full throttle as I get close to 100% 'foot down'.

    It means I can finally stay on throttle through corners with the correct gearing. Previously I needed to lift and brake into a corner, carry whatever speed through and accelerate on exit. Now I can just slowly increase throttle through the corner and on exit. I also added a deadzone of 5 or 10, as I can occasionally get touchy on the pedals and it stopped me spannering it when I didn't really want to.

    I've never really used assists so just lucky to learn that way so got used to it and set my car up to suit and create some rear traction.
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  12. Also, watch some on board of yourself, your team mate and other similar opponents. Helps to see where you can start to pick up traction again (sometimes).
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  13. When I first started sim racing it was the same for me. What I discovered was that I was often putting too much wheel input in the corners. This induced a slight amount of understeer and as I unwound the wheel while on throttle I would get snap oversteer once the front tires stopped scrubbing.
  14. Key words: smooth.

    Smooth wheel input, and braking. Try to hold the throttle very low through slow corners rather than coasting, and don't go flat out until your in a straight line. Fluttering the throttle can also help you work on feeling the rear grip.
  15. Well for tc off, I would suggest u turn off damage and do a quick race half distance. Don't know why but actually racing has always helped me improve, both when I was learning manual gears and driving with tc off to the extent that I am gentle with the throttle regardless of tc status... Time trial never really works for me cause it's just about lap times, tend to give up on the lap if I make a mistake. And the trick as well is to practice for long laps... Hope this helps
  16. Also try increasing the deadzone on the throttle. And regardless of ur level of input, most times u r actually still accelerating. And u can try med traction 1St den moving to no tc