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Help to install Oiuninphoja track into RSRBR !

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by maxattackfutter, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. maxattackfutter


    Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could be so kind & give me some tutorials on how i can install this stage which downloaded last week from race department into my RSRBR thanks in advance... Glen.
  2. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

  3. Chelton Nunes

    Chelton Nunes

    1.Download the "- rbr_rx" and extract it to "Plugins" folder located on RBR root folder
    2.Copy the "RX_CONTENT" folder to your RBR root folder and overwrite/merge if asked. Or copy the track folder and paste it directly on "RX_CONTENT -> Tracks"
    3.Launch RSCenter -> Play alone. Select car pack and car
    4.Select "Launch Richar Burns Rally SSE".
    5.Go to Options -> Plugins -> RBR_RX. There you should find the track listed: select it, chose car again, etc, and you're ready to go [​IMG]

    Note: It doesn't have pacenotes, but you can find them somewhere on rallyesim forums. Just search for Ouninpohja and you should find ir.

    Happy racing on Ouninpohja! :D

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