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Help to find videos, pictures, stuff missing for Formula 1

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dux, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Dux


    I was just looking for an video with title i think, as far i can remember "Michael Schumacher - Magic" i think it was, it was about Schumacher driving in Spain 1996 Grand Prix, for many best known for the spectacular driving of Schumacher in the rain, by many also one of the best performance in rain back for 25 years, even than that of Senna. Okay enough about that, everyone has own opinions about it, never mind.

    So i couldn't find it and i thought that this thread, might, help me and others who are also in a search for some Formula 1 stuffs, like me for example that video, which might be removed from youtube, if someone has it, please to upload it again, since i use to download videos from youtube and keep them, might someone else does the same (of which i am sure)

    Of course for the readers to know what exactly we are looking for we need some precise details about that right, well in this particular video it was, Ross Brawn. He was talking about Schumacher and the way he drove that race and how he experienced all of that, the way Schumacher was breathing and taking informations while driving on the limit and it was a great testimony for Schumacher qualities also. I am trying to find it ... so far now nothing came up.

    Thank you in advance!

    Fell free to pose videos or whatever u have about F1
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  2. This it?

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  3. Dux


    neither of them :'(
  4. At least I tried.
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