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Help Times A Lot Slower With Tyre Wear and Fuel Load on

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by furney2, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Can Beat The game easily without tyre wear and fuel loads on but when i turn them on the ai are fast in practice and qualify .
    Is it something im doing wrong
  2. No, its supposed to be like that.

    - Tyre Wear: Wears your tires out, which gives you less grip = less speed = slower laptimes
    - Fuel load: Makes the car heavier = Slower speed = slower laptimes.

    just practice a bit, maybe a better set (dont know what ur using) and laptimes will get better for you
  3. No It's nothing your doing wrong. It's the same for me. I drive with all aids off apart from tyre wear and set the AI to Legend.
    I can win most races with a Toro Rosso.

    If I enable tyre wear then I drop down to mid level cars. There are a few tracks where I can still grab pole or end up on the 1st 2 rows but really depends on the tracks I'm best on.

    I've just started a new career with everything off and find that I'm in a realistic position on the leaderboard.
  4. cheers glad to know im noy doing anything wrong . ican lap some ai on legend withtyre wear off
  5. Fuel simulation affects exclusively the player car, not the AI. Turning it on does not only make you slower (which is okay, see second post), but also gives you a huge disadvantage over the AI, as the AI always races with zero fuel on board. However, tyre wear seems to be simulated for the AI.
  6. That´s pretty sad. I was customizing the challenge rate of my game and this fuel sim really messed everything. I was on par with the AI on legend diff and tyre wear. But with fuel sim was frustrating...
  7. I never had any problems and always drive with fuel sim on, never drove without it