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Help sought to get CSW v2 to feel right in rF2.

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Robin, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Robin


    I am not sure how I can get my CSW v2 to feel right in rF2.
    Most cars just feel like their are running on ice instead of asphalt.
    I haven't edited any files, just fiddling around in the main menu, but I could use some advice on how to setup my wheel properly. Thanks!
  2. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Most important:
    Dont drive on a completely green track. The conditions are really bad then and the tires can't bite into the track, which makes it feel icey.

    Ok first off wheel settings:
    I use Sensitivity of 360° and set it up ingame as well (not vehicle set steering range) in combination with a steering lock in the setup between 16 and 19°

    Further settings on the wheel: FF 100, Sho OFF, Abs OFF, Lin OFF, dea OFF, dri 001, For 100, Spr OFF, dpr OFF.

    A good example to try is the Chevrolet Camaro GT3 from ISI, which is a bit oversteery due to medium tires and lots of power, but has a good feel. You can also increase the caster in the cars setup a bit, which gives you a bit harder steering wheel.
    Most important gert yourself the pedal overlay plugin, which has a yellow FFB bar, which shouldnt go red unless you are hitting curbs hard etc. http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/7546-rF2-Pedal-Overlay-Plugin

    For the Carmaro I use a FFB multiplier of 0.85 and 0 FFB smoothing.

    So in a short run:
    On the wheel everything off except for FF100, For 100 and dri 001 (you can play with it between 0 and 3 it is all without any extra speed from the motor).

    Ingame FFB multiplier around 0.8 to 0.85 works for most cars to have no clipping most of the time, the smoothing has to be off. You can set a minimum force in the json file, but it would be only around 1 or 2% for the V2 in combination with the Formula Rim, so I never changed it myself. So for the V2 I dont have to edit any files.

    Just a note: FFB varies between the cars. For me the Camaro, GT-R, Nissan 370z GT4 and the Honda BTCC (watch the torque steer) all provide very good FFB. You have also to keep in mind, that rF2 doesn't use any fake effects. Some sims e.g. harden up the steering wheel when you are sliding with the front tires in rF2 the wheel gets lighter like in reality, so at first it is harder to feel the understeer. For me I felt at home after the first few hours and now everything else doesn't even feel close to rF2.
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  3. Robin


    Thanks for responding so quickly @Frederic Schornstein ! Much appreciated.
    I am a little amazed at your SEN setting at 360 degrees, though? Doesn't rF2 support 900 degree and Degrees of Rotation per car (like iRacing for example)?
  4. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    It depends. For example a real GT2 car only has 360 to 440° of rotation and you can put that value into the car, so steering lock and rotation fit together perfectly. I on the other hand prefer to use a fixed 360 degrees on all cars and then adjust the steering lock in the setup to 16 to 19° so it fits to the steering lock. My main reason for that is, that I use the Formula rim and you don't want that one to spin more than like 360 or 440 degrees, because that can really hurt with the V2 in a big crash. Imagine the wheel spins at the fastest speed in one direction by like 360° even if you get your hands off the wheel it can hurt. Never had something major, but after a few painfull moments I learned :D
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  5. Robin


    Ok, but I race with the BMW GT2 rim and I would like to have degrees of rotation on a per-car basis for now. Do I keep SEN OFF and tick the Vehicle Set option?
    Should I use FanaLEDs to micromanage the individual cars?
    And is there a way I can see what DOR value is stored in the vehicle by default?
  6. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Yes, you should use SEN OFF and vehicle set then. I never really tried it to be honest. I have to say as well, that (at least for me peronally) the FFB is much more detailed with later rims compared to the heavie GT2, which I rarely use.
  7. Robin


    Might be, but its all I have for now and I am not planning to change it, so we'll have to make due. FFB is rich and detailed in Assetto Corsa, so I should be fine. :)

    Is there a way to see the DOR value of the car somewhere?

    Apologies if these are noob questions, but I am not very familiar with rF2 yet.
    Much appreciated!
  8. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I had to have a look myself. Best is when you are in the main menu make sure you check the "vehicle set" option and then when you are in a session (practice, qualy whatever) go to settings and controls and there you can see the degrees of rotation, which was automatically set. If the steering ratio is to slow you can increase the steering lock in the cars setup. You could also lower the degrees of rotation on your wheel, but then the virtual and real steering wheel won't match up, which I find pretty annoying:

  9. Robin


    I checked it and the Camaro reports 621 degrees. That doesn't seem right.

    Indeed, if I set the range to 540 and SEN on the wheel to 540 I get a much more natural response.
    I've also set the track to 'Preset_Medium_Rubber' and it has transformed the feeling of the sim. Thanks a lot!

    BTW: Perhaps I have a news item for you too; the DRI setting has changed on the CSW v2.
    DRI 3 is now raw input without damper / nor assisted steering.
    1,2 are dampened, 4 and 5 are assisted. Perhaps you knew, but I see you are driving with DRI 1, which has a lot of damper.
  10. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Yes, I used dri 2 and 3 for a bit of testing, but kind of liked it a bit better. Yeah with vehicle set it can be slow sometimes. I think that was one of the reasons I never really used it, but that decision is 3 years old, but I guess it was one of the reasons :)
  11. @Robin ,

    All Racedepartment servers are setup with a real road like a real track should have.
    This real road and weather will change over time (24h/7).

    All Racedepartement servers are setup with the "get missing component" feature.
    Simply click on a server, type in the club password and click on get missing components. Everything you need will download and install for you. :)

    The servers are there for you to download good content to some laps on a good setup track.

    Little note:

    rFactor 2 will download a little "mod" file first. This contains all server settings.
    Once in a will it's best to clean up these "mod" files:
    - Open the mod-manager:
    - You'll see 2 tick boxes "mods" and "components".
    - untick "components"
    - select all your mods and uninstall and delete them.

    Mods are no cars and tracks !!! Your cars and tracks are components. ;)

    I've a CSW v1:

    SEN = OFF (i use vehicle set Like in Feddy's picture.)
    In the garage setup i use "steering lock" to adjust my steering input.
    Damping = OFF (I use the ingame "smoothing")
    Spring rate = OFF
    FF = 100 (i use the ingame "car spec FFB multiplier)
    FOR = 200-230

    There is a great "pedal overlay plugin" to see if the game doesn't send a "clipped" signal to your wheel. Some cars (3rd party) have a weak FFB signal, some clip almost immediate.
    Use the Car spec FFB multiplier to set the input spot on.
  12. Robin


    Thanks for the input!
    The FOR value is capped to 150 in the new firmware for the v2 to prevent overboosting the motors.

    I'll be sure to take a look at the 24/7 servers to get some practise.
  13. v2 is a bit more powerful. :)

    Most important thing is to find your settings, what is comfortable, immersive best feeling for you.

    BTW: you have access to the server passwords so you don't have to limit yourself to the public server. ;) (get the most out of your money :p)

    Note the VWSR Clio server: The server mod contains car modifications upon the ISI clio. Uninstall this mod and the clio reverts back to the ISI clio. Don't forget to do this if you join a server that uses the normal ISI clio. ;)
  14. Robin


    @Gijs van Elderen , I had a short run with the Clio on the RD server yesterday and got all my settings worked out.
    I can already really appreciate the feeling in this sim. It feels very natural! Great FFB experience. Exactly how I would think driving a car like that would feel.
    Thanks for all the help! Now where can I apply for my own painted Clio? :)
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  15. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Nice work guys.

    I learned a little thing recently.
    Divide the degrees of rotation by the cars steering lock and you have the speed of the steering rack. (edit Steering ratio)
    a)EG 480 deg / 16.5 = 29.09
    b) 350 / 18.0 = 19.44

    So you can get to the same result by changing either number (numerator or demoninator?).
    IE 520/ 18 also equals 29.
    So once you have a steering rack speed in mind you can adjust either number to get it.

    The downside of using a very low number for steering lock means possible issues if you have spun and need a tight turning circle.
    Other trivia, like Freddy I use the Formula Rim. I have found I can use a slower rack on all the cars I guess as my hands dont have to move as far with its smaller radius.
    A slower rack in my personal experience gives more feel. But it seems very personal as one proper alien in the Formula Cars uses example B above.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
  16. jimortality


    Where do I find the steering ration? I can only find torque etc

  17. Scroll up or click here ;)
  18. jimortality


    No the thing David was on about with dividing the rotation etc so for 480% something should be set at 29.09
  19. David is talk about the ratio: Degree of rotation / Steering lock

    Steering lock ==> in your setup menu
    Degree of rotation ==> in your controls menu.

    450 degree of rotation and steering lock at 10 ==> 450/10 = 45
    900 degree of rotation and steering lock at 20 ==> 900/20 = 45

    Your steering input to take a certain corner is exactly the same. ;)