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HELP!!Problem with Wheels!!

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Kurt Southwell, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    i have a problem with the wheels, whatever car i drive the wheels come out like this.
    i have re-installed the v8fu stuff and it didn't fix it.
    any ideas welcom??
  2. mayby change the rims?
  3. what do you mean change the rims??
  4. make custom rims and try those on them
  5. well i did put the rim file into the teams folder and it did't change anything
  6. Interesting.. What files and file names do you have in that team folder. It looks like it is picking up the texture from an incorrect file
  7. under 'TeamMonsterVodafone' there is:
    .dds(car its self, board, cpscreen, cpstrip,driver, helmet, pitbox, window) and .veh file
  8. should also point out it has been working since october last year, but decided to do this this month
  9. can you copy and paste the VEH info like this so I can have a look

  10. sorry for such delay, found it is all vehicles that have the problem. any ideas on a folder/file that would do this??
  11. Don't mean to sound blunt, but this is the one and only report, so I think it is your installation.

    I suggest you start with a clean rF install, and then reinstall the V8FU Mod. If this doesn't fix it, then I would be very surprised