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[Help] Pitstop procedure and DRS questions

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by whaletail, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Unfortunately, I've yet to seamlessly execute a pitstop, and given their race-exclusive functionality, learning the procedure through trial and error will be a thoroughly inefficiently exercise. Moreover, as a recent PC racing convert, I'm used to simply pulling into pit entry and relinquishing control to the software.

    The following questions should illustrate where I'm having trouble, and any insights from the community are welcomed.

    1a. After requesting a pitstop during my in-lap, I can move up/down among the options with my wheel D-pad, but highlighting an option, and subsequently pressing the CONFIRM button, doesn't appear to do anything. I've only tried to execute two pitstops, so I can't remember each option, but how does confirmation work?

    In other words, assuming a typical 4 tire change pitstop, what buttons should I pressing, and when?

    1b. Preparing to begin a championship, I'm only running 6 lap races at Hockenheim (for Adaptive AI purposes), and therefore haven't experienced tire degradation. Assuming full length championship races, will I always need to change all four tires?

    1c. How is tire degradation communicated in DTM 2014? Is there an obvious handling change, a data display, or do laptimes simply begin increasing?

    2a. Without any explanation of the preset options, IIRC, I've created presets for switching the front and rear tires to primes (as I start on options), without fixing any aero damage.
    Was I correct in creating these basic presets, or have I unnecessarily complicated things?

    2b. Any other/better presets I should consider creating?

    3a. At what point along pit entry is the pitlane speed limit enforced? What landmark should I look for?

    3b. Conversely, does the speed limit rescind at the pit exit stoplight, and is that light always green?

    4. I'm also unable to determine where the DRS zone(s) is at Hockenheimring (the only track I've yet visited). Is there an obvious landmark, or must I simply look for the green signal to appear?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to execute a pitstop sans delay, and maybe even without having to focus on the options display.

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  2. There are no DRS zones in DTM, you can use it once when it has been activated at the start and finish line.
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  3. Peter

    who cares Premium

    You have to make pre-sets in the session settings tab and confirm the tire choice. So the pre-sets you made were correct
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  4. IIRC, I tried to navigate to CONFIRM, and it was grayed out. Perhaps I'm misremembering something, but if after creating appropriate presets, I can't simply press CONFIRM (without having to enable the presets via the toggle button) those presets with a SINGLE button press, the procedure is unnecessarily complex.

    When Lewis Hamilton's pitstops were consistently slower than Rosberg's, it was suggested that his pit box alignment might be to blame. Although the hypothesis was ridiculous on its face, it does remind us that hitting pitstop marks with near millimeter precision is both important and very hard to accomplish. Instead of rewarding menu navigation, developers should reward the precise braking and steering inputs that quick pitstops actually demand.
  5. @Majuh So is it used similar to KERS, where I have some period of access that resets each lap?

    I'm not especially familiar with DTM regs so I'm in the dark?

  6. This is taken from the sporting regulations:

    DRS is activated when, at the start and finish line, the gap to the preceding vehicle is less than two seconds. On the subsequent lap the system may be used once in any optional section of the race track and is automatically deactivated when the driver depresses the brake pedal.
  7. @Mujah
    Thanks, that clears almost everything up.

    Just to be clear, I read "in any optional section of the race track" to mean anywhere on track. Correct?

    Also, will the DRS indicator display green at the start/finish line (assuming sub 2s gap to preceding car), and remain green until activated?

    Finally, I assume unlimited DRS availability during Practice is provided for experimentation purposes, and isn't a bug?

    Thanks for your help, and sorry about asking questions.

  8. The DRS icon will be gray when unavailable, green when available & red when in use.
  9. You can use it once anywhere on the track, but only until you cross the start and finish line again. In practice sessions DRS should be available all the time.
  10. Did you get this sorted. If you didn't, the CONFIRM option stays grayed out until you actually enter the pitlane
  11. Realized this after watching the ADAC GT Masters pit video, but thanks for the heads up as well.

    Only being able to practice pit procedure in actual races makes it harder to learn, but I think I'll grasp it soon.

    That said, I'm surprised sim pitstops remain a menu navigation challenge, when the car control skills required of actual pitstops don't appear, at least superficially, that difficult to implement.
  12. To answers the questions that was not answered yet:
    1b : Tire change is an obligation in DTM. You need to run with both compounds (Prime and option), but you're not allowed to use Option more than 50% of race length.
    In single race mode pitstop mandatory is an option you can activate or not. In championship you have to manage it.

    1c : There's a red indicator on the right side with aero/engine/transmission damage. You can see here the tire wear.
    But tire wear is pretty obvious, you loose grip. Wear can be accelerate if you brake block, slide, etc.
    Starting 96/97% on the wear indicator tire performance decrease in a way you cannot ignore it.

    2. If you always start with option, you only need one preset: set the prime.
    Maybe one day you may need to add the "aero damage repair" on a preset, but at this time I never had any aero damage for it.

    3a. you should see on the side a speed limit indicator. It's at this point, you should respect this speed limit. My advice is to use training session before the race to make one or to pit entry. So you can see where is the speed limit entry zone, and manage yourself to put the limiter at the right time. Be careful in race: to fast (or to late for the pit limiter) and you'll have to do a drive through !

    3b: sadly on exit you're on IA control until few second after the pit exit. I still don't get why the game wait so long to give control back... On some tracks AI control stop at very bad time (Oscherchleben or Zandvort are the worst)

    4. already answered

    About 1. you have some answers but I may add one or two things.
    You need to call for a pit entry with the button on your wheel/keyboard. At this time you can chose what preset to use. If you only have one preset it will be apply automatically. If you have more than one, it's by order as you set them in the menu you create them.
    The "confirm" button will only be green (then active) when you have chose a valid option. If you run in option tire you need to validate the prime tires. Only at this time you can confirm.
    Once you have call for the pit, you have a message on screen for confirmation.
    At the end of the lap you need to enter the pit lane. Here the game ask you again to confirm the action. I don't get why I have to confirm a second time, but whatever. Don't forget to confirm here, or maybe make some change (I don't see what changes ...).
    After that you only have to wait until the exit of the pit lane, when AI give you back the control of the car. I hope in futur update pit stop will be less under AI control than today.

    Last thing: You may have to use the pit menu if you need to do a drive through. When you have a penalty to do there's a line in the pit menu for it. You need to validate it before observing the penalty
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  13. @Le_Poilu Thank you so much for your thorough reply! You've cleared up much of my confusion.

    I just have two questions, if you don't mind.

    1. I'm pretty sure I understand all of the mappable commands, save the TOGGLE (can't remember the second word) command. Is this used to validate a preset prior to confirming?

    If not, what is its purpose?

    2. As 918 RSR buttons are at a premium, are there any pitstop commands that aren't really required, or should I map them all?

    Thanks again for all your help!