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Help needed with Transparent Textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by NuNiTo, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone i´m having serious troubles with textures to create a Xpack and i need some professional help please.

    I open Race driver GRID tracks with 3DSimED 2.0 to get this specific tree,


    I export the tree into .3ds and after that i export the textures to same folder, the problem is when i import with Xpacker.... All goes fine except the transparency of texture and the tree in BTB looks like this,


    Can someone explain me how to make the texture looks like in 3dsimed? what do it missing and where?

  2. Transparency under materials in BTB.
    Place the tree then go to materials and check it's settings... alpha or chroma
  3. Object and texture theft isn't really the way to go making tracks with BTB.
  4. Fair use if it isn't released publicly. I learned by examining what others made and figuring out how to make my own. It's a bit of a jump to start yelling thief at this point.

    The reason the textures look that way is because they are using chroma (not alpha) for transparency. (as legend said)
  5. Exactly, see how the trees are made is the begining to have new ideas.

    By the way, was so simple as select "use alpha" in Xpacker :poke:

  6. Well isn't everything fine at all....

    In BTB everything looks amazing


    But in rfactor have a lot of corruption...


    The textures are in *.PNG.... Already tried alpha and chroma transparency but the problem persists... I see the trees behind through the first ones :/

    Any ideas?

  7. PNG isn't any good, go for DDS because of mipmaps.
    rfactor has serious z-order problems with mulit-trans textures. create a second set of polys with simple transparency, but in the same place as the multi trans ones. (alpha/chroma polys in the same place reduces the z order problem of the gfx engine) if you're using the trees as shadow casters, split them into multiple objects, to reduce the polycount for shadowcasters. i.e. chroma blend polys for casters, alpha for plain visible only.

    markus ;-)

  8. Markus, thank's for your help... After several hours trying several things i realize that the trick was chroma instead alpha in Xpacker, just like you said :poke:

    And after other several hours i'm almost finishing a good Xpack for my track:hail::hail:



    Now i have real volumetric trees:hail::hail::hail:

    Thank you one more time ;-)
  9. Well done! But please, don't use other peoples content without first getting permission.

    It's easy to make your own trees, just search google images with the usage rights filter set to "Labeled for commercial re-use with modification", find a tree you like, create a project in Gimp or PS with a transparent background (this will automatically generate an alpha layer when saved as dds) remove the background and areas in-between leaves that have the background showing through, then save as dds, it's that easy :) You can also edit the alpha layer manually if you like to get a more precise alpha field.

    You can also use free textures from sites like these,,,
    [CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site
    Public Domain Pictures, Free Pictures, Royalty Free Stock Photos
    textures - ShareCG
    + many more.

    [ED] forgot to mention, you can then use these textures by adding to existing default trees, just use the materials editor and replace the texture.
  10. mianiak you´re right, my next step is learn how to make 3D objectos, I have a lot of programs that a think is good for that, 3D studio max, Google sketchup, Zmodeler, etc but one thing at a time. yesterday i bought 3Dsimed 2.6 that will help to do a Mod too:)

    But now, again with rfactor i´m with a litle problems again, this time with tarmac textures... with the link that you told before and a lot of other search's i found this texture

    that looks amazing, convert to DDS like markus said, with Photoshop just in the same format as trees textures but with size of 2048x2048 for great quality

    I import it to xpacker and open with btb with no problems, however when loading the track the load crash and can´t load the track... I don't know why but for same reason I could load only one time but car falls on that specific texture. Someone know what i´m doing wrong this time?:poke::poke::poke:

  11. This falling through the texture sounds like a HAT issue, are you exporting it to rf through simed or straight out of btb?

    Plus, from experience, dxt5 and 2048x2048 is not a good idea.
    I have been experimenting with road textures lately, this is 512x512 dxt1
    Its a bit of an extreme example, but it shows how you can get volume in the tex without using much. It could probably go down to 256 and have the same effect. It's all in the bump and spec.
  12. I´m exporting directly with BTB... I will try lower the resolution, save em dxt1 and see and see what i get...

    that thing of the bump and spec is too much advanced for my knowing of BTB:poke: i really liked that smilie :p
  13. The car still falling


    Any ideas
  14. In your second picture, the 'rFactor Material Name' dropdown is blank.

    Surely it should be set to 'roada'?
  15. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I think your right. From what i gather, if its not set to 'roada', it will be treated like a ghost object, allowing you to fall through to the terrain just under the track.
  16. [ED] Actually, sorry about this. Now I see it, I didn't stop and think before, Chub and Festa are right, I am wrong :embarrassed: I was blinded by the fact that I had this issue with another project. Please ignore what I said.

    I think that all the material name relates to is the physics of that surface, ie, gravel or bitumen, but it should be set none the less. What I think is the real issue here is that it is not set as a HAT target.

    Make sure the material is set to be drivable.

    This was my first suspicion but I couldn't understand how it could come about because the track is already set to be a HAT target. That's why i asked if it was being exported from simed. But now I see you have used the Xpacker to bring the texture in It's possible that this is the issue.

    Personally, for road textures, I just duplicate an existing texture and then replace it with my own texture.
    Open Venue Materials editor > select used road material > Duplicate the existing Material (click [+] top left) > go to Textures > load new texture > click OK.

    You might find this tutorial helpful, it explains bump and spec mapping.

    Also here is a tutorial on seamless textures.
    It's a bit harder to make a road surface seamless because of the small rocks etc, it just takes a lot of time and patience :D
  17. Ooo, that seamless texture tutorial is a keeper!
  18. Thank you all. I solved the problem, in xpacker i select "roada" and define the first word of texture name to "road" as i saw in the others existing xpacks... I'm completly noob in BTB:poke:...

    But now, i have another fantastic idea(or not :p)... I saw in Norisring and A1ring videowall's that are playing in loops, norisring with a bik file and A1 ring with a dds file with 10 frames... In xpacker i can load an animated dds but i don't know what program i sould use to create a multi-frame dds :(... My idea is open some video with Virtual dub mod and then save everysingle frame but after that i don't know wath program i should use to compile the dds or tga image... Any help is welcome :)

    I leave here some photos of the track:fwd:

    Hope you like:smile-big:


  19. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I use G.I.M.P. and theres a simple 'one-click' filter that makes your image seamless....simples ;)
  20. That filter is very good, but it sometimes creates a few highlights halfway along the sides of the image. A bit of work with the clone/heal brushes can solve that, along with Layer > Transform > Offset to make sure the seams are still hidden.