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Help Needed With Non Assited Driving On 360

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, i've recently been trying to drive this game with no TCS but it is really difficult to hold out on beating the throttle down on an xbox controller.

    So i was wondering if there are any other players out there who drive with TCS off with a controller.

    I would get a wheel but i really havent got the money at the moment and my phone was stolen recently too so i have to fork out for a new one (and might i say i'm pretty miffed about it) but just wondering if there are non assist drivers playing on controllers do you have any tips for me because i really want to get the hang of it

    Thanks and PEACE :)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Most players that drive with TC hammer down the throttle too fast resulting in a spin. Try the following when you enter a corner:

    • Brake at your braking point (find a marker somewhere down the track)
    • Hammer down the gears
    • Release the brakes (brake early enough that you don't carry too much speed into the corner)
    • Turn in
    • Stabilize the car
    • Gradually increase the throttle, never press it down suddenly. You will develop the feeling automatically after a lot of practice
    In general its better to go slow into a corner and fast out and carry as much speed as possible to the straight that follows.

    As Mr Miyagi said many moons ago: "its all about balance"

  3. i do the first four described above its just finding the right amount of throttle on the exit i either give it too much beans or too little.

    Too much and its spin spin baby, too little and its overtaken Anthony and im watchin Webber drive on by lol i can never find the right amount frustrating lol.

    Love the reference by the way Mr. Miyagi legend :)
  4. i have no clue about how does it feel with a controller, but i'm playing the game on a 360 with a logitech drive fx wheel and i must say it's an entirely new experience once you turn off tcs. racing with tc on now seems dull, boring, not rewarding.

    in the first time i tried turning tc off, i spun A LOT and thought doing an entire race without it would be simply out of my reach. but once i got a better feel for it, my number of race destroying mistakes actually diminished. ofc it's harder to spin with tc off, but when it happened i was always at full gas and there was no hope in trying to correct it. without tc, you feel the car in your hands and can predict way better when it is likely to lose traction. unfortunately, i am slower without tcs b/c the ability to go full throttle early in a corner exit really makes a difference, but it's too much more fun running without aids, man. i'm never going back.
  5. You will go faster if you gradually release the brake as you turn in, so your still braking into the apex but your braking less and less as the apex approaches, means you can brake later and you have that last opportunity to break a bit more or less depending on your current speed.

    In terms of TC, I don't use it and don't feel the need, if you have wheelspin then you got two options, don't accelerate so hard or simply carry more speed around the apex resulting in less required acceleration coming out of it.
  6. quick question @ sWozzAres, do you use automatic or manual gears? i can drive with no TC, im slower without it but i cannot get the hang of combining it with manual gears. any tips?
  7. I use manual, but I don't really understand the question, maybe cause I've never used TC (nor auto) so I don't know how the car behaves with it versus without it, what problem are you having?
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    trailbraking is step 2 indeed, thats how i drive also but for those that are new to the game or simracing in general the very basics are a good point to start from I guess. Eventually everybody will develop their own unique style, just a matter of haning in there and a lot of hours of practice :)
  9. im not very patient though unfotunately and am slowly getting sick of spinning out on corners it really is annoying
  10. assuming you are talking about slow corner exit...

    don't accelerate until the car is out of the corner and pointing almost straight, in the unlikely event you do get wheelspin, at least your car won't spin

    watch some real f1 in car laps, it's a bit deceiving but they have real momentum round the slow corners, once they have pointed it into the apex they seem to swing around it with no effort and role out of the apex with lots of speed, only then do they get back on the throttle


    1. gradual acceleration
    2. maintain more momentum around slow corners
    3. change gearing so your not putting so much torque down on corner exit
    4. drive a better line, more apex speed, less torque required on exit
    5. play with rear alignment settings to get more mechanical grip
  11. I have drove with no assists since day one on a xbox pad, also in FM2 and FM3, the most important thing in F1 2010, is as mentioned above, straighten the car up on exit before flooring it, its not as harsh as you think, you can apply the throttle very quickly with practice,

    a small tip to help you get used to it, put the engine in cruise mode and practice then go to standard then fast, the throttle map makes a big differance.....good luck and dont give up, the satisfaction of driving without stabalisers is worth it.
  12. sorry sWozzAres, should have been more clear, but thanks anyway because that is problem i'm having with manual gears and no TC. sometimes i panic and end up crashing or spinning or coming to a halt when slowing down whilst coming into a corner. i'll have to get practising over the next couple of days, thanks for your help :)
  13. slightly off-topic: did someone find a workaround for the bug of abs being turned on even when the options screen says it's off in practice and qualifying sessions?