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Help needed, objects wont collide! (rFactor)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Johannes Rojola, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. I dont get this, I can't get any of my custom objects to collide anymore. They did collide earlier, then not anymore and I haven't changed anything. They are basic lowpoly models in 3DS format. I have tried everything, changing material properties, editing properties inside Xpacks, what else... Everything else (not done by me) collides normally. Sobjects also work fine.

    What in earth this could be, I couldn't find answer from earlier posts either...

    Edit: They seem to collide by random, and from random directions. I wonder if it has anything to do with this that I don't have bottom face in my object models. Just side and top faces.
  2. Is it that you can't collide with them or the AI can't?
  3. All unmoveable collision objects need to be both CollTarget=True HATTarget=True.
    If they are not a hat target, cars will get stuck in them when they hit them and cause the game to lock up.

    To make this possible in BTB, you need to select 'Drivable' and 'Collide' in the Editing Objects Dialogue.
    BTB Help file reference, Ediitng > Objects > Editing Objects

    Bottom face doesn't matter, just as long as the faces are facing the right way it will work. Also it's good practice to have them go slightly under the ground, 1 or 2mm, just to prevent any chance of cars going under them.
  4. AI's can't collide either, I did set objects to Collide and Drivable, but it didn't make any change. I ended up with new box-object which is inside the buildings and has collision, but not renderable. For some reason, it works.