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Help needed in setting up Track Locations

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by paul280981, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    New member here!! Great game. Haven't played it in over a year but just downloaded it today.

    I'm having some difficulty in setting up the seasons. In that the game isn't picking up the tracks that i've installed. I've installed quite a lot of tracks from a DVD a friend gave me and put the files in the rFactor/Locations directory.

    All the files and folders installed ok, but the game is only picking up the tracks that came standard with the game, and none of the new tracks that i've installed. When I click on "practice", only a handful of tracks are available instead of the 20 or so that i've downloaded.

    Can anyone please help me out?
  2. Your mates tracks may have been restricted in the filters.

    Check the tracks GDB file and make sure they have not adjusted them. They should be
    Filter Properties = SRGrandPrix OWChallenge 2006

    as a minimum.
  3. Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the ORSM forum, before I try to answer your Q Id like to know if it is just the Unleashed Mod that this happens with?

  4. Hi guys,

    Yeah I did check the files and they were fine. Turns out it was user error. I had the track files located in the wrong directory. I moved them to the Game Data directory and all good!

    I haven't played the game in a while and have probably forgotten a few things. Still very much a learning process!
  5. Great to see more people coming back, and good to see you have solved the problem too.
  6. Thanks. It's good to get back into the game. I've been reading through the previous posts from the "WIP Topic". Some very disappointing posts on the thread. I'm sure I'll be able to get stuck and need more help, but I'd just like to say what an impressive game you have developed. I can't imagine how many hours development went into making the game. It's a shame you can't sell it and make some coin out of it from all of the effort put in.