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Help needed for New Wheel Racer

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hi i bought Logitech G27 a day ago previously i was a Keyboard racer i've used only TC on and all off previously and I can say my self as a good racer
    But with Wheel it was completely Different Story for me i turned all assists off but i can't get the Sync between Accelerator and Brake
    I need suggestion about this firstly also in which track i can get the Sync perfectly
  2. 40 views and no help! I recall seeing a post by David O'Reilly about driving in the wet in which he gives the perfect discription of how to treat the accelerator :) basically imagine theres an egg under your foot and you MUST NOT break it, once you learn to be smooth and gentle (not slow) with it you'll soon get the idea. The brake pedal on the other hand you can be quite brutal with, but and it's a big BUT you must be careful to be smooth when coming off the brakes. The relationship between brakes and throttle is more or less the same as the relationship between brake and steering and throttle and steering, more of one less of the other etc. The transistion from one to the other is all about smoothness not slowness (is that a word?) So quick and smooth.
  3. Thanx mate by Practicing with Wheel i was feeling good with Acceleration and Braking now i was practicing to be Smooth and Gentle
  4. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Found that old post

    An expanded piece on driving without TCS (Traction control system).
    As we move to lower assists some drivers have asked for more info on driving without TCS.
    Definitely need to have assists off to get any feedback in a setup/testing session. TCS and ABS will both just hide poor setup.
    If you think about sitting in a car weighing 650KG with 745HP in a car park with your steering wheel turned and flattening the throttle and imagine what would happen....
    Then think about reducing steering lock to 20% and feathering (slight use of) the throttle. The difference between the two is throttle control.

    Corner Exit:The more steering lock you have “wound on” and the slower you are going the greater the propensity for wheel-spin. TCS will manage this by taking off power the moment there is a hint of wheel-spin. For you to drive well without TCS the key skill really is to manage a progressive throttle application. If you stomp on the throttle with the wheel turned you will get wheel spin and possibly a slide. In essence you gradually/progressively apply throttle as you wind off steering lock. As your wheel straightens the foot goes down. It is really a movement that is linked as if by an invisible piece of string. This is why Walter Rohrls’ brilliant mental picture of a piece of string works so well.
    In your head there is a piece of string tied from the bottom of the steering wheel to the big toe of your throttle foot. So you can only access full throttle when the wheel is straight. Automatically as you straighten the wheel exiting a corner your string gets longer allowing more throttle.
    Another mental image could be: 1st gear 30% throttle, 2nd gear. 60 %, 3rd gear 90%, 4th gear 100%.
    If we want to get even more precise and technically correct the aero down-force influence starts to kick in as speed picks up. By 5th gear the string is replaced by elastic, by 6th gear it’s not there at all. Hence Eau Rouge you can have near full lock at full throttle in 6th-7th at 250kph.
    Another interesting phenomenon is where you might in a fast corner wind off lock temporarily to allow more throttle/acceleration then as aero influence kicks in wind on more lock. This happens in Spa corner 10-11 “Pouhon”. Under full fuel approaching in 6th gear I will brake at about 75 metres and downshift to 4th. Once getting good turn in, feed in more throttle on slight lock and as corner opens in 5th give full throttle then 6th at corner exit with full lock. The higher speed gradually allows more lock due to aero influence (and in a small way centrifugal effect of the wheels).
    So in essence you have to develop a connection between the movements of your hands and of your feet. Here follows the section in the F1 2010 Advanced Drivers Guide that also deals with it albeit briefly.

    1) Exit. The simplest and least cerebral part where you benefit from your good work in braking and apex phase. At this point you want to get the power down as fast as possible without breaking traction. The car will accelerate faster with minimum steering lock so once past apex allow the car to drift as wide as possible under throttle. If you leave track remaining unused outside you it means you could have carried more speed in corner or applied throttle earlier or harder or used less steering input on exit. All of these actions will net more speed. Exiting slow corners one must be mindful of avoiding wheel spin. This is because of the extra acceleration available in lower gears and the reduction in aero down force at lower speeds. In faster corners you can apply throttle more aggressively. The co-efficient of adhesion is higher than that of friction so wheel spin costs time. When dealing with throttle application a good mental image is that of a piece of string tied to the bottom of the steering wheel and your big toe. As you wind off lock your big toe is freed to apply more throttle.
  5. @David O'Reilly
    Currently i was practicing in Valencia mate where there are lot of High to low Speed Corners i cannot negotiate the entry of low speed Corner correctly which was effecting me for its exit i was using Default logitech G 27 Settings is there any thing i should change in breaking settings ??
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I am not familar with Logitech wheels I use Fanatec CSR on Xbox.
    BUT; its either
    1) Technique Valencia its not easy to get your brake markers each time. Also feather the brake on release to get better turn in.
    2) It could also be car setup. Aero helps in fast corners mechanical grip and balance needs to be good for low speed corners. Lower your geaers 1,2,3 a little till you get used to the track, ( aids engine braking and will lower your mid corner speed)
    Post your setup. ARBs , Camber and Toe in are all important.
    3) Wheel settings, need a G27 user here.
  7. My setup was
    Wings 9 ,11
    Braking 48 - 52 , High , Standard
    Balance F 7/1 R 11
    Suspension 1,1, 11,11
    Gears Standard
    Camber all to Left
    Toe all to Right
  8. I am switching over to a wheel from a controller. Xbox. Had the xbox speed wheel for one day, took it back. :)
  9. I used to have G27, brake dead zone 2% everything else 0%, steering sat varies 0%-10% track dependant FFB 20,80, 50, Try front wing on 10/11

    @ David O'Reilly, great piece there you posted, not one I had in mind which referred to butterfly wings or something similar (it made me laugh anyway) but got the point home.
  10. Dear Kartik i want to say that it takes me 2 months to get used to with the wheel ( my is dfgt)
    When i used it first time i thougt it was a mistake to buy a wheel as i feel more good with game controller. But now i am faster than before and moore consistent. The point i will come learning takes time and dont expect quick results just be patient and you will see improvement. And you will get definitly moore fun when you get used.
  11. @Ihsan Ulusoy Well you are right Currently i was getting my grips over the wheel. I can feel what i was doing exactly and i was practicing as much as i can with racing against the AI in my free time i expect the same time as you get used to wheel and thanks for your Suggestion :)

  12. It doesn't take so long. The first moment when I tried F1 (2010) with a wheel - I was already better than with keyboard. It depends on how much of a driver you are. Some people can be a lot better with a wheel without having to practice much, some can't and have to do thousands of laps. It depends on the person. :)

    And Kartik, you've been driving with a keyboard all your life. As far as I understand, you don't drive a car in real life. It's gonna be slow. Till F1 2012 gets released - you still won't be with the fastest guys in RD. If you actually have the potential to become that fast tho. I don't know if you do. Just live your life and play the game when you have time. :) I play only 1-2 times a week but @Zoltan Hadadi is my best friend around here and I'm his team mate in 1 club league. Playing non stop sometimes doesn't give positive results but negative. It's like training for muscles. When you do it too much - you get negative results. You can drive every day, make one 100% race a day and you'll see how faster you'll improve than driving all day all night non stop. You need a break, you need to relax. There's a point when you're tired and from that point you don't learn anything. You just drive a car and that's it. :)
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  13. Well currently i'm not quick as you guys but I was trying to hold the pace I was playing in my free time and of course you play a 100% race in Mclaren or Ferrari or Redbull starting at least from 6th and Going back wards would be frustrating but as i said i was practicing as much as i can so i Divided my kind of learning
    Currently i was matching Q3 pace but still not enough and then i need to get the Consistency by getting rid of Small mistakes like giving more or Less Acceleration Using brakes earlier or Miss calculation of Wheel turn

    So i will use your Idea Kristian thanks for that:)