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HELP! Need to track down car-ID conflicts :O_o:

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Hiya! Me again.
    It seems that somewhere in the mod-cars I have installed, there's conflicts with the default content of Race 07. I'm honestly not sure if this was the case before the recent Steam update, but regardless, it sure is the case now.
    Rather than uninstall mods to race online, then re-install them to race offline (or online at some places even), I'd much rather sort out where the conflicts are and correct them.
    However, I really have no idea how to do this. Thus, I'm looking for tips. What software will I need, and what would be the recommended most-efficient way to go about this tedious and time-consuming task?
    Thanks in advance, and Race On!! :cool:
  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    • ID's are limited on the Race series so depending on the amount of mods you have the more you have, the more chances a conflict will occur. Just whatever you do don't mess about with Race's default content ID's, you'll get online mismatches.

    One of the GTL guys put this up, http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/mod-help.81390/
    Check out post #5 and you might want to give the program a try.
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  3. I've used a text crawler software a while ago to obtain all ID's used by the mods I've installed...
    You can find each ID (class and model) by simply opening the *.INCCAR files with a text editor and look for the lines "ClassID" and "ModelID". As Hiroshi already said, the ID's are limited by the game and to be precise the limit reaches from 0 to 255. So in the end you could have 256 classes and 256 models (cars). At least some mods do use a new class and model ID for each car which is a bit of waste but you are forced to leave them unchanged to prevent mismatches ;)

    I can post my list, but it's not complete by any means ;)
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  4. Wait .. would changing the ClassID and/or ModelID break the car? .. I imagine also that doing so would cause online mis-matches for any server running those particular mods as well ... In other words, changing those parameters is pretty much out as a solution. hmmm
    So I guess it is all about un-installing the conflicting mods to race online .. It sure is annoying that some of the mods used the official carID .. if that is indeed what's going on here.
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  5. Jempy


    Before converting, it was easier ... when a mod had conflict with an original car ( often STCC2 ) the solution was to move the causing trouble gcf file ( whole expansion ) to another place ( desktop for ex. )
    Now after conversion with all cars in same folder ... really difficult to do that without knowing where the conflict is.

    I didn't use it before conversion, but now I always use JSGME to install and manage mods for Race07. If there's a conflict, it will define when installing where the conflict is.
    Then it becomes easier to momentarily move the original file or files somewhere else out of the game during use of this mod.
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  6. Well, it's too late for me to use JSGME with this install I'm afraid. IF I need to do a total re-install, I surely will .. Only problem there is the amount of HD space required to go the JSGME route. I've used it for years with other games, and love, it. BUT it does need to store an additional copy of all the mods one wants to use; which for me amounts to around 15 - 17 gigs. I just don't have that kind of HD space available.
  7. Jempy


    Maybe use the other one: Simracing Manager .... this one moves only the files from folders "Teams" and "Locations" from the game to another place.

    As conflicts are often in "Teams", that might be a solution.

    But SRM don't move the other parts of the mod when unactiving it, that's the only problem.
    It cannot install mods and tracks but .... it detects the already installed 'Teams' and 'Locations' addons and mods.
    So the needed disk space is not doubled.
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  8. Yep, SRM is what I'm currently using to deal with this :D
  9. Jempy


    Good Vaughn ! ;)
    I suppose you noticed that now all original cars and tracks may also be unactivated with SRM ?

    So if you know which car (mod or original car ) may create your conflict, you even may unactivate it with SRM.
    I suppose also that you know where to find the list of all cars ModelIDs.

    Edit: I had an idea:
    When you have a conflict after installing a new mod, uninstall it and use JSGME for that mod only just in order to know where is the conflict.
    When you know, maybe SRM only will allow you to settle the conflict if this one have its origin in 'Teams' folder.
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