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Help Neded to sort/fix BTB crash

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Lee Knight, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Gday guys, Im desperate for a fix here.
    For the second time in 2 weeks Ive imported Rural Australia Xpack into BTB, no problems.
    It's already in several other tracks Im working on.
    I can load it into a new project & use bits out of it & even Export a working track.
    BUT, the next time I try to open that project BTB crashed & says it's failed to find some grass textures of Rural Aus' Xpack.
    Ive tried re-installing said Xpack, still it crashes.
    Ive tried re-installing an earlier .bin file, with AND without removing said Xpack & still it crashes.
    Ive opened the Xpack & the files it's looking for appear to be there.....
    Does anyone have ANY idea as to what I can do here.
    Older projects with it already in there still load up, it's just new projects that it wont & this time I didn't even get to use anything out of it!
    Im going bald here & about to loose 18 hours worth of work- yeah, I failed to backup before importing said Xpack, more fool me!
    ANY help, PLEASE?
  2. Rename the existing .zip to .bak (to reserve the disk blocks that might be bad) and download a fresh copy.

    Although... it does sound like your .bin might be corrupt.
  3. Cheers for the tip Emery
    AND, problem solved too!
    It wasn't the .bin file that was corrupted but the Rural Australia Xpack in the main Xpack folder itself.
    I found another Rural Aus' Xpack, & only after I'd deleted both the .ZIP AND the Folder, then placed the new .ZIP in & Extracted it did it finally work!
    I then went & found the project from last week & again removing the Rural Aus' folder as well & replacing both it worked too....
    Talk about relieved, that's 2 projects saved with the exact same cure!
    Im thinking an anti-virus session must have removed something....
  4. Time for a backup :cool: